How to Speed Up the Divorce Process

speedy divorce process

In the state of Texas, divorce proceedings require a substantial amount of time. At best, a simple, uncontested divorce with no complicating factors takes at least 60 days. Two entire months can feel like an eternity in some situations, and there is a good chance that the process can take much longer. If you want to reduce how long it takes for your divorce to be over and done with, here are tips that can help you hasten the process.

Hire a Good Divorce Attorney

Check your local Houston divorce lawyer reviews and find a reputable attorney. Having a divorce lawyer is essential if you want to finalize the divorce in a timely fashion. There are legal processes that must be followed, complicated paperwork to fill out, deadlines to meet and more. Even if you are usually meticulous and on top of things, the countless distractions that come with a divorce can easily cause you to overlook important steps or make errors. Having a divorce lawyer on your side is a must for timeliness and for peace of mind.

Don’t Procrastinate

procratinating divorce processIf you really want things to move as fast as possible, be proactive. Fill out paperwork the moment you receive it. Make phone calls the second something pops into your mind. Start checking out Houston divorce lawyer reviews as soon as you know that a divorce is inevitable. Never put anything off that can be done immediately. Sometimes missing a deadline can make you wait significantly longer, so make it a point to do everything as soon as you can. But don’t try to juggle too much at once, as your divorce attorney will help you keep everything in line. After all, the whole reason for hiring an attorney is so you can concentrate on your personal affairs.

Get Your Discovery Documents in Order

During the discovery process, you will need to gather a significant amount of information. You are going to require bank statements, mortgage information, credit cards bills and other pertinent documentation. When you have an impending divorce on the horizon, the first thing you should do after reading Houston divorce lawyer reviews and setting up a consultation is to start getting documents ready. This will save time and help streamline the process.

Be Willing to Compromise

One of the most common reasons for delay is when the former spouses cannot come to an agreement. Whether that is about child support, child custody, property ownership or any of the many other factors doesn’t matter. What matters is if you are willing to cooperate and settle to make things quicker. Of course, if you have good cause to seek sole custody of your children, weekend visitation isn’t an ideal compromise. However, simple things like who gets to keep the sofa can often be handled diplomatically and can also help you avoid unnecessary mediation or court rulings. Keep the big picture in mind and try not to dwell on things that don’t matter as much in the grander scheme of things.

Think Before You Speak or Act

stress free speeedy divorceIrrational behavior is detrimental to your case in many ways. If your former spouse’s attorney catches you acting inappropriately, saying something rash or saying something emotionally charged that should have remained confident, you can not only delay the process, you can also give up your rights to important property, time with children and more. Speak only when you have your attorney present, and refrain from saying anything that could potentially harm your case. Do your best to stay composed and deliberate. Look through Houston divorce lawyer reviews and find someone compatible who can help you control your emotions during critical aspects of the divorce proceedings.

Hire Ramos Law Group, PLLC

A good attorney is your most powerful ally as you go through this demanding time. Ramos Law Group, PLLC is renowned for our unrivaled experience and expertise. Read Houston divorce lawyer reviews and you will see that our clients are consistently pleased with the results we get for them. This is a turning point in your life so it makes sense that you should not settle for anything less than the best possible representation. Call (713) 225-6200 for more information, or fill out our online contact form to arrange a consultation.

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