“I felt that I was well represented by Ms. Ramos and you were very professional about your work. Most of all I greatly appreciated the promptness of your email replies during the whole ordeal.” – M. D. on Jan 4, 2013.

The attorneys at the Ramos Law Group, PLLC are dedicated to remaining some of the top divorce lawyers for men in the Houston area. While we represent all types of people, a substantial percentage of our practice is dedicated to advocating for father’s rights. Divorce can be challenging for both men and women, however, in some cases men feel that they cannot ask for custody or for a fair division of property because of their gender. We along with our team of divorce lawyers for men are committed to achieving the best outcome for our clients, and have a high success rate in winning custody cases for dads. Additionally, we are committed to defending husbands from false claims of family violence. Unfortunately, this is a tool that is used far too often in an attempt to get a favorable custody or property settlement outcome. The Ramos Law Group, PLLC has a proven track record of defending husbands against frivolous applications for protective orders.

From the initial consultation, your Houston divorce lawyer for men will quickly take steps in to educate, answer questions and create an action plan to put your case in the best position possible. We are strong father’s rights advocates and can help you achieve the best possible outcome. To find out more about our exceptional service and results click here to contact us today!

Divorce Tips For Men

  • Don’t Leave The House
  • Don’t Confront Your Wife
  • Don’t Discuss Case With Kids
  • *Never Agree To A Protective Order

Recent wins – Father’s Rights

Harris County:

  • After a week-long jury trial step-father wins custody of step-daughter.
  • Client was accused of domestic violence and was in the middle of a protective order trial we were contacted with a request to work with one of our esteemed divorce lawyers for men. We normally DO NOT take last minute cases but we felt that the person was not being properly represented. We worked all night to properly prepare for the next day. After a few days of trial, the protective order against our client was denied and a protective order protecting our client against the spouse was granted.

Fort Bend:

  • Following a multi-day bench the father won custody of his child and maintained a substantial portion of their community estate. The mother then filed an appeal, which was denied.

Brazoria County:

  • Wife accused husband of domestic violence and went as far as having him arrested. A Ramos Law Group, PLLC divorce attorney for men was hired to look into the case and learned that a few months prior to the incident wife hired an attorney without husband’s knowledge. On the day of the incident the wife attempted to trigger an argument and when that wasn’t successful she ran out of the house screaming and accusing husband of battering her. The police were called and husband was arrested. Her attorney of a few months filed for a divorce and protective order the next morning. (Nothing fishy about this. Is there?) After a lengthy bench trial the judge did not grant the protective order and, thanks to our highly trained divorce lawyer for men, dad was allowed to have joint custody of the child in the divorce case.

Critical Tip:

  • Protective orders have serious consequences on divorce cases. When a Protective order is granted against you the other spouse may receive spousal maintenance, sole managing conservatorship of the children and receive a final order without a geographic restriction. If you find yourself facing a protective order hire an attorney to advocate for your rights.

Do not try to go at it alone and do not agree to a protective order.  Contact the Ramos Law Group, PLLC and Hire an expert Houston divorce Lawyer for men. – Mary E. Ramos