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What is Community Property in Texas Divorce?

Each state has its own set of laws that govern the division of property during a divorce or dissolution of marriage. Community property is a term for the assets that a married couple owns together. There are nine states that recognize the philosophy of community property, including Texas. Which assets are considered separate or community property is what guides the Texas court systems through the divorce process.

Who Gets the House? Handling Texas Divorce Property Division

When going through a divorce in Texas, a main point of contention is often the division of property, especially if the parties own a home. A Texas divorce court has a few options in dividing a real property asset but each case is different and it would be best to consult a Texas divorce attorney...

Property Division Lawyer in Houston

Ramos Law Group has a team of expert lawyers well versed in all aspects of divorce, including property division. Learn more about the process of property division during Texas divorce here from our experienced attorneys. See examples of our winning track record, or contact us to schedule a consultation.

How is Property Divided After a Divorce?

Going through a divorce is never ideal, but it is often necessary. When you get to that point where your relationship is unsupportable, it is important that you and your assets are protected during the divorce process. It is all too easy to lose property, child visitation rights, and much more if you are not...

How Do I Keep Separate Property Separate During Marriage?

Texas is a community property state, which means that there is a presumption that assets are community property, not separate property of a spouse. To overcome this presumption, one must be able to definitively show to a court that an asset was acquired before the marriage and has maintained its characterization as separate property. The key to maintaining the character of your property as separate is to avoid commingling the property with community property.

Divorce Lawyer For Business Owners in Houston

A Texas divorce can be complicated on its own, but owning a business, whether it is a small, home-based business or a multi-million-dollar company, adds another level of complexity to any division of property. The Ramos Law Group, PLLC is well-versed in handling cases for business owners and other high-net-worth cases to maximize the amount of community property awarded to our clients.