A divorce attorney is going to represent you in one of the most difficult and trying periods in an adult’s life, a divorce. You want a competent person to represent your interests to the best of their abilities. Below are a few qualities a good divorce attorney should have:


During a divorce you are dealing with the division of your home, assets and children. You want an attorney who can competently represent you and that competence comes from experience. Ask your attorney how long they’ve been practicing or how many divorce trials they’ve handled.

Technologically Savvy

We live in a technologically advanced society. Technology plays a huge party in today’s family law proceedings. From using iPads during trial to put on evidence to being able to use information procured from Facebook, technology can have a huge impact on your divorce or family law matter case. A good attorney is able to utilize technology to their client’s advantage.

Level of Preparedness

A divorce trial can be infinitely complex and may present many challenges. It is important to have an attorney that is able to keep track of deadlines, pleadings and all the small details that can play an integral role in your divorce proceedings. Your attorney should know every aspect of your case and be able to handle any hurdles that are encountered during the divorce process.

Ability to Communicate

Your attorney will help you navigate the divorce process, which can be a very trying time for anyone. It’s important that you be able to communicate with your attorney. While it’s difficult for any attorney to be available 24/7 for one client, you must be able to reach your attorney should any emergency arise or if you have questions.

Attorney’s Fees

All attorneys do not charge the same hourly rate. While you obviously want the best representation available, it’s important that you have reasonable expectations as to what you can reasonably afford. Divorces can be drawn out and costly, you must consider an attorney as an investment that will serve to protect your assets, but you don’t want to overextend your budget on attorney’s fees.

The above are just a few qualities one should look for in a divorce attorney. You must feel comfortable in your relationship with your attorney, so vetting an attorney for the above qualities before you retain can help you acquire a competent attorney who can successfully represent you.

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Texas has a mandatory sixty-day waiting period from the date a person files an Original Petition for Divorce before they are eligible to formally receive a divorce from the Court. This is outlined in Section 6.702 of the Texas Family Code. In almost all circumstances, you will be required to wait the statutorily-required sixty days before you are able to finalize your divorce.

The sixty day waiting period is not required in two cases, annulment and cases with domestic violence. The waiting period is not mandatory for an annulment and/or void marriage because the Court is making a finding that there is no marriage, thus there is no requirement for a waiting period.

The waiting period may be waived by a judge if a spouse has been formally convicted of or has received deferred adjudication for an offense involving family violence against the person who filed for divorce or if the filing person has a current protective order against their spouse for domestic violence. In cases of domestic violence, it is in the best interest of the battered party to be granted the waiver of the waiting period.

If you have any questions about the mandatory waiting period in Texas or if you believe you may be eligible to have it waived, please contact the Ramos Law Group, PLLC or visit us on the web at ramosfamilylaw.com.

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