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Divorce Lawyer for Physicians & Their Spouses in Houston Texas

Divorce, with its financial and emotional turbulence, can be a difficult undertaking for any person. Adding the complexity of owning a medical practice, or an interest in a medical practice, creates an additional layer of concern for a licensed physician or other medical professional.

How Is a Private Practice Divided in a Doctor’s Divorce?

One of the most challenging issues in getting a divorce as a doctor that owns their own medical practice is that their practice may be subject to division as a community asset. Accurate valuation, goodwill, and status of the practice are critical influencing factors on a judge presiding of the matter. Hiring a licensed family...

Knowing When to Get a Divorce in Texas

Sometimes you can make it work. And sometimes you can’t. Knowing when to get a divorce in Texas begins with some serious soul-searching. Oftentimes, people stay in a marriage long after they should. Maybe you still love your partner. Maybe you feel like they can change, and overcome their problems. Maybe you feel like a...

What to Expect in a High Net Worth Divorce

Divorces involving significant amounts of money, property, and other assets are almost always more complicated than standard divorces. High net worth divorces are rarely uncontested, which is why it is critical to have a good divorce attorney in Houston if you want to retain what property is rightfully yours. It is essential that you hire...