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I received paperwork from my ex-wife days before the custody hearing and did not have a Lawyer to represent me. The Ramos Firm was able to stop the hearing, guide me through the mediation process, my ex-wife had limited custody, and my daughters primary residence is with me! There is nothing I can say to express my gratitude to The Ramos Firm. – A. M. on.

Mary E. Ramos sat as visiting Judge for the 245th District Court!
Mary E. Ramos sitting as Visiting Judge for the 245th District Court.

Ramos Law Group, PLLC employs a quality team of Houston attorneys. Mary E. Ramos is a highly trained lawyer with a myriad of accolades. Mrs. Ramos was previously employed with the United States Navy and has won numerous awards, including “Clients’ Choice Award” and “Excellence Award” with AVVO in 2012 and 2014. Mrs. Ramos is focused 100% on family law. If you work with Ramos Law Group, PLLC, you can be sure that the Houston lawyer you are paired with will tackle your case industry insight.

Our firm offers legal advice on cases, such as adoptions, mediation, division of property and debts, protective orders, child support, spousal support, and paternity issues. We also offer divorce support for men, who often face difficulties, such as false accusations of domestic violence in divorce proceedings. We strive to provide the best legal services possible, and are realistic in our abilities. If we think your case would best be suited for another firm, we won’t hesitate to suggest you look outside of our realm of knowledge. We believe in putting the customer first.

In addition to reviewing our website to educate yourself about our lawyers in Houston, you can explore our site to familiarize yourself with what is happening in family law. The Ramos Law Group, PLLC has sought to provide various forms of legal information, so viewers of our website can learn about legal proceedings on their own. Visit our resource page to find useful legal information and read our blog to learn about each Houston lawyer on our team. Our information center also includes a section of frequently asked questions, which may answer some of your queries up front.

In addition to our talented Houston attorneys, our firm is lucky to work with a dedicated support staff. The Ramos Law Group, PLLC would not be able to operate without this exceptional team. We are indebted to them and their hard work. For information regarding our support team, please visit our Support Staff page. Of course, you can always contact us for details about our lawyers and services. We are here to serve you Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm. Call us at 713-225-6200 or email us at info@ramosfamilylaw.com.

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