Family Court Judges In Houston & Surrounding Areas

Meet your new family court judges for Harris, Sugar Land, Brazoria, Galveston and Montgomery Counties. In a few counties, you will see many new faces so expect some delays and initial challenges. However, with time all minor issues will be sorted out. We send our most profound appreciation to the old guard and welcome the new family law court judges. We look forward to working with you in a productive and efficient manner in favor of our clients. 

Work In Progress:  We published initial drafts and are working to finalize profiles by the end of the year.  If you see any errors or required updates please send an email to

Harris County Judges

We will be adding judges for other counties shortly. Please excuse our mess while we finalize initial drafts. Thank you!

Fort Bend County Judges

  • Judge Walter Armatys | 328TH District Court
  • Judge Brenda G. Mullinix | 387TH District Court
  • Judge David S. Perwin | 505TH District Court

Montgomery County Judges

  • Judge Jennifer J. Robin | 410TH District Court
  • Judge Patrice McDonald | County Court At Law 3
  • Judge Tracy A. Gilbert | 418TH District Court

Brazoria County Judges

  • Judge K. Randall Hufstetler | 300TH District Court

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