Why Choose Ramos Divorce Family Law Attorneys in Houston, Tx?

When Choosing a Divorce & Family Law Attorney in Houston, Choose a Law Firm that…

#1. Has a Board Certified Attorney in Family Law

  • You want to work with an attorney who is board certified and can provide a higher level of insight and experience, and who has handled a variety of cases in divorce and family law. Less than one percent of all attorneys licensed in Texas are board certified.
    • Mary E. Ramos is Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and she interned in the 312th Harris County Family Court.

#2. Focuses all their Energy, Love & Passion in ONE area of law

  • You only want to work with a firm who practices in a single area of law. There are lots of moving parts and what works in other areas of law DOES NOT work in family law. Find your family law attorney here in Houston, TX.
    • Choose the divorce attorney that chose to study the law you need.
    • There can only be one and our firm specializes in family law

#3. Hires Top Talent and Invests in the same

  • You want to work with a firm that focuses on education and sends their attorneys and paralegals to the Advanced Family Law Training course yearly at a minimum.
    • We’ve done this every year since we started the firm.
  • You want a firm that not only trains and provides the tools for the trade but also sends their attorneys to skill-building courses where they have an opportunity to hone their skills without impacting a client’s case in the courtroom. It is called the “practice” of law but the learning part of practice doesn’t have to occur on your case.
  • You want a firm that will train their associates for six to twelve months before allowing new attorneys to handle in-depth litigation. This is a huge wild card, as we’ve seen “baby” attorneys make some fatal errors in court resulting in tragedy to their client’s case. Be careful with the divorce attorney you choose.
    • At our firm, new attorneys spend a total of two years in training before they are allowed to handle highly contested cases.

#4. Protects their client’s rights and family’s rights from undesired results

  • Through our hard work and dedication we prepare and when arriving in court we are ready for all potential surprises. Our family law attorneys don’t go to Houston courts with a single pleading, we go with the full case file ready for battle.

How we win: We develop a strategy, execute the plan, and prepare until we are confident that winning is the only outcome.

#5. Receives Quality Reviews

  • You want to hire a firm with positive reviews from a wide range of clients.
    • We aren’t perfect but we are the best at what we do and consistently deliver outstanding results.

#6. Texas-Based Divorce Law Firm

  • You want to work with a company that ONLY answers to YOU, not to a corporation in another state.
  • For large corporations, profit is the only priority.
  • In Texas, there are a few out-of-state firms that provide services in family law or niche markets such as divorce for dads or divorce for men.
    • We have among the best family law attorneys in Houston for defending the rights of men and fathers.
    • We are a single owner firm, “Mary E. Ramos” and we only answer to you!

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