Cost Of A Divorce

How Much Does A Divorce Cost?

No idea we have. Yes, hmmm... (In our best attempt at a Yoda voice.)

In all seriousness, no attorney can predict the cost of a contested family law case. If they choose to, they are misrepresenting the process and in the end you will be stuck with a fat bill. While we make every effort to keep costs under control, the total cost could hinge on the client providing information in a timely manner or doing some leg work such as organizing financial statements and active participation. That said, in our effort to help our client's unlock the path to happiness, we can provide the previous year's average case cost.

A word of caution, DO NOT use the following values as a bible for what your family law or divorce case will cost. It is our experience that the cost of these cases can and will  fluctuate.

Our 2018 Cost Details*:

  • Average Cost: $10,566.91
  • Least Expensive: ~$2,000

*To avoid skewing numbers in our favor, we removed any cases that generated less than $2,000 as in most instances those are closeouts or payment for consultations.

Our goal is to avoid surprises and to give our potential clients all the information they need to make the best selection when hiring. After all, the purpose of any law firm or service provider should be to make life easier for you so why not start with the selection and hiring process. You must avoid those attorneys who will not publish or disclose their cost range. This lack of transparency is a critical indicator that they are just trying to make a quick sale or they don't know their numbers. In either instance, this is not a good thing. Will other attorneys post their case cost numbers? Probably not!

Why is the cost of divorce so expensive?

We are in the business of helping our clients find peace and happiness and what we've found is that a divorce is as expensive as the parties allow it to get. There are some cases where the estate is sizable and as long as both parties stay cordial the cost of the divorce is minimal.  On the other hand, there are some cases with limited assets where we feel we can finalize under a few thousand that grows to tens of thousand.   Essentially, both parities are in full control of cost, if every issue has to be litigated in court then HECK YES the cost WILL INCREASE. If as a client, you choose not to participate or provide the required information the cost will increase as we will be required to follow up with you and do everything possible to prepare the case for the best possible outcome.

As you narrow your selection on who to hire, decide what you really want out of the divorce.  Our goal is not to take a sizable chunk in attorneys fees, but instead to achieve the best possible results while helping you find peace and happiness.

Why don't all firms post cost information online?

Most firms want to get you in the door to increase the likelihood of closing the deal. They won't provide retainer information or any idea of what an average case costs. WE ARE DIFFERENT, we don't hide the ball, we want you to be an informed consumer who has all the information required to make the right call.

When you hire us you become a cherished family member. - Mary


For more information on how we bill and attorney rates visit our Transparency in Billing Practices page.

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