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Our Client Testimonials

Superb Law Firm

The decision to end my 25-year marriage was not an easy one, but hiring the Ramos Law Group was. From the initial consultation to the execution of the Divorce Decree everyone at the firm displayed the utmost professionalism and I was treated as if I was their only client. My attorney Lindsey, always provided precise legal guidance, was usually one step ahead of the opposing counsel, and had a superb understanding of how things would play out in the court room. Additionally, whenever my case needed a little extra horsepower, Mary provided that "surge" to keep things on track.

Worth Every Penny

"Ms. Ramos and her entire staff worked with professionalism and compassion to guide me through the most difficult time of my life and to an outcome that was best for my family and myself. Ramos Law is incredible and I highly, highly recommend their services."

Custody case won

"I was recommended to see Mary Ramos for my on coming custody case,it was the best thing I could've done honestly.The Ramos law group was quick with emailed responses and telephone calls,informative with ANY questions I had and they also took action with what they thought would work,which it did,I had money troubles and they were still willing to help they sent me with a younger lawyer Lindsey Lewis to help save some money and she was the best!She knew what she was doing and Mary was still on my case to make sure things went smoothly and to catch any details Lindsey and I might have missed.All in all I am a very satisfied client and if I ever needed a family lawyer again I would come back.My case was won as I received primary for my daughter which is exactly what I asked for.If you're willing to listen to what they have to say and follow their guidance they're definitely worth hiring.I thought I wanted sole custody for my daughter and they explained that wasn't in the best interest for her and honestly they were right,they speak to you on a professional level and also a real level of how things are actually going to work and what could happen if you take a certain action.They definitely care about their clients and make their own bond with you,you're not just money in their pockets you turn into family. "

Divorce Attorney

"I received excellent advice and representation from Ms. Lindsey Lewis. She kept me updated at every step of the process, and I never felt as if my case was set aside. I would hire The Ramos Law Group in the future. "

Highly recommend

"I started my divorce with a lawyer who was not very responsive. My divorce case was complicated and needed more laborious scrutiny. Since the case was not moving forward I had to switch lawyers. Made the switch to Ramos Law group. Since the very first day Mary and her team have been very efficient and meticulous. Since the case was complicated the team had to go through myriads of pages in discovery. I was pleased with the legal team that helped us handle the paperwork in a very timely manner. All my questions were answered very promptly. The relay of information was easy with their software system. We finally had a law firm that we could trust. My divorce was finalized and I only have Mary and her team to thank for going through a difficult divorce. I would highly recommend the Ramos law group for their help and support for getting my life back on track. "

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We work hard to earn your business and to make sure you are truly satisfied with our service. We are passionate about family law and are equally committed to getting the best results possible! If you’re looking for a team that is willing to put your needs before their own, you’ve come to the right place.

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I made the right choice when I trusted Ramos Law Firm to take care of my divorce. It was a confusing time, and I was taken by the hand and guided step by step through all of the paperwork. I have not had the pleasure to meet Mrs. Christina Garza, the paralegal that was in charge of my case, but she has always treated me as if I’m one of the best clients for the firm. Now almost 5 years after I filed for divorce, I made a call related to some certified copies I needed, and Mrs. Garza talked to me like I had spoken to her two days ago. The best thing is that I always got the solutions to my concerns for a modest amount of money. I just want to say thank you very much.

Best for the worse case

Coming from another culture, I was totally unfamiliar with the laws of marriage in the US. Unfortunately, that exposed me to a terrible family and they tried to take advantage of it. It was a short marriage, but I bought a $500k house in that period. I was so devastated, and I have contacted several other firms. When I found Ms. Ramos and her law firm through this site, they were the only one who I trusted to handle my case. She and her staff were amazing in handling my case. They have answered all my concerns and questions during the divorce. That support was very helpful emotionally as well. When I compared Ms. Ramos’s professionalism to the other party’s lawyer, I could easily tell that she came so well prepared to defend me. Very well organized in preparing all the documents and evidence. With Ramos’s law firm, I was able to get my divorce so fast. During the process, I realized that their main concern is their clients and the well-being of the clients. They were able to finalize my divorce after about 2 months of filing it, while the other party wanted to prolong the case to make the most out of it. I highly recommend the Ramos Law Firm to anyone who unfortunately goes to the divorce.

Very helpful and sensitive…

I experienced a painful and what I thought would be a lengthy and complex divorce yet thanks to the staff at Ramos Law it wasn’t. The staff guided me through each step and informed me ahead of time as to what the next step would be. The staff was responsive and quick to my inquiries. I’ve gone back since my divorce to obtain their legal advice on a separate matter and I would highly recommend their services.

The BEST Legal Team in Houston!

I was at the end of my rope when I hired the Ramos Law Firm to represent me. I had an unfair decree and an unfair advantage in the 311th court. I had very little understanding of my parental rights and family law. My situation wasn’t easy and it was a long road to travel, but I was never alone. Mary and her staff were always by my side. When things got hard and frustrating, they were there to ease my fears and to help me understand the process. Not one time did they EVER show a sign of giving up or giving in. Not only did I get a great legal team, I got justice and a peace of mind that money can’t buy. Today I am living a dream, a dream of having my children in my life. The ability to share holidays and vacations, but more importantly the ability to be a Father. My family and I are grateful for every moment that the Ramos Law Firm has spent on our case and for every lesson we’ve learned from them. HIRE THEM TODAY!

A great partner for your legal matters

The knowledge, expertise and care shown for my case, not only by Mary Ramos but her entire staff, is unmatched in family law within Houston, Texas. Not only Mary but her entire staff knew my husband’s case, the needs of our children, the long standing issues present before she came on as the attorney in 2013, and she was able to make fair suggestions to allow my family to continue to grow with one another. She did more for the case in the time she was on the case than the 2 previous attorneys’ we had contracted had done in 4 years. She will not allow her clients to be railroaded or sign a short term fix for long term problems. I cannot thank Ms. Ramos enough, there were times when we wanted to give up, especially when the Judge we had refused to work on our case, but she did not allow me to, bringing me in to remind me why it was worth the fight, and she was right. It was worth it.

She is extremely knowledgeable of the law and a true blessing to anyone she represents.

Words cannot express how thankful I am to the Ramos Law Firm for handling my case. When I came to them I was in big trouble due to awful representation by my previous attorney. I had lost my first trial and was at risk of losing my children and becoming a victim of an unfair property division. I was desperate for help. So after doing a Google search and reading such great reviews on Mary Ramos I decided to make appointment with her. My case was very very complicated and I was scared no one would want to touch it. She took the time to listen, understand and learn the case. Actually better than I did. She is extremely knowledgeable of the law and if there is way to fight for you and get the win, she will find it. I don’t believe anyone could have represented me better than her. I was amazed on how much work her and her staff put into my case. She turned the entire case around in my favor. Everyone in my family is amazed on what a wonderful attorney she is. And my ex still cannot understand what happened. Thank you Mary for being like an angel on my family’s shoulders. Your represenation has made a very positive impact on my family’s life and you are truly appreciated.


I came to Ms. Mary Elizabeth Ramos at the lowest point in my life.”Lost my house, my right on kid and my future” but Ms. Mary Elizabeth Ramos had turned around my case from “Lost to Win” and I have now all what I lost in this process. She was professional, smart, confident, caring and trustworthy. I had total confidence that she would do anything in her power to help me. She protected my right, my justice and my future. I highly recommend Mary Elizabeth Ramos to anyone who is looking for a knowledgeable, smart, and honest attorney for family divorce.

My Sister’s Child Custody/Support Case

My sister was Ms. Ramos’s client for her Family Law Case, fighting for both primary custody and child support. I was very apprehensive because my sister’s previous lawyer was not great, and we hired on Ms. Ramos very late in the case. This did not hinder us, though, as I thought it would. Ramos took in lots of information in very little time, and although my sister (whom is forgetful) forget to give important information at times, Ramos worked very well at highlighting the little information my sister provided, and also the info we gave her very last minute! That alone was AMAZING! During trial, I must say I was fearful when she wasn’t objecting the opposing party, but it was all apart of Ramos’s technique! She was able to dig out information that we weren’t even aware of, that really gave my case the upper hand! Her style of law is very unique and she appears very soft and subtle, but she is a fighter and wins. She is understanding and caring, definitely passionate about family law! If she could win our case in a matter of about 3 months with LOADS of information, imagine what she could for yours!

Saved the day! Never could have done it without them!

When I was referred to Mary Ramos (and her staff) I was in big trouble. My wife filed false paperwork stating there was abuse in our marriage and I was about to lose everything. A lawyer friend was helping me, but the case was over his head, and he was completely honest, and he said if I didnt respond quickly I would lose everything, not only my house, but visitation with my 2 daughters. He told me I needed to call Mary Ramos & Associates, that it was my only chance. The day that Mary Ramos took over the case, everything turned around, they really took control and I felt for the first time my side of the divorce would be heard. In the end Mary Ramos and her staff (Jessica was amazing) managed to save me. My house sold yesterday, one year after my divorce, and I actually received 50% of the sale and $13,000 that was due to me in bills from the marriage. NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE WITHOUT MARY RAMOS & ASSOCIATES. I would refer them to anyone who needs a fighter in their corner, they never gave up on me, and I promise you I had made a lot of mistakes, and my case was never an easy one.

Attorney who cares!

I have to say that using Ms. Ramos’ services was the best decision I made when it came to my custody case. I was fighting an uphill custody Battle against my step-daughter’s biological father. My wife wasn’t available to fight for custody and as a step-dad I didn’t expect to win primary of my step-daughter, but Mary and her team made it happen. We had to go through a five day jury trial and the results were exceptional. I had so many factors playing against me, but Mary handled it extremely well. She and her staff are not quitters and do whatever necessary to make things happen. Her staff always kept me well informed, they made things easy for me, and really catered to my individual needs. I felt safe with them handling my case. I was impressed with her services, I would definitely use her again and recommend her to anybody who needs a family law attorney, especially fathers.

Ramos Law Firm Divorce Proceedings

My decision to use the Ramos Law Firm turned into one of the best life decisions I have made. I am extremely happy with the level of personalized service given to me at a time when I upset, confused, and felt all alone. I did not know what to do our how to choose an attorney right for me. After filtering through search engines on the internet and taking the time to endure seven prior consults with different legal firms, I found the Ramos Law Firm. I met with Mary, and walked out of there with a good level of comfort and a very strong sense of security. Mary utilized her team well to ensure my legal fees did not get out of hand, and the Ramos Law Firm did an excellent job with communications throughout my divorce as my questions and emails were answered same day. Although Mary’s staff did most of the daily legwork, it was Mary who personally sat by my side for every court appearance which was a very comforting feeling. Mary had a strong presence in both the family court as well as with the mediators firm. I have referred a close personal friend to Mary so he can modify his visitation, and a female co-worker who is struggling with a pending divorce. I am confident they will both be pleased with the results Mary and her legal team will provide. If you are in a rough situation, and you have not decided on which law firm you plan to use then do yourself a favor and go sit down and have an initial consult with Mary, and you will immediately understand how the right attorney can make the difference. A special Thanks to Mary and the Ramos Law Firm Staff, as for you Good Luck and Best Regards with your search for a great attorney. Rick C – Houston TX

Definetely an attorney who knows what she is doing

Mary impressed me with her knowledge of Texas Family Law, without even having to reference the book during the initial consult. She even know the law code and section as we were discussing my case. You want someone who knows the law to the bone, especially if you are a father in Texas. She picked apart my ex spouse’s attorney’s proposal and found all kinds of errors and missing rights that I have as a father. Had I signed that proposal with out an attorney, I would definitely been screwed for many years. I am very happy that I hired her to represent me. Mary and her team are cost conscious and will use every effort to keep your costs low. She will offer her opinions and advice, but she does know that you are the boss in the end. Up front Mary and her team will tell you that the best form of communication with them is by email. And it is. It may seem like a disconnect from an actual person, but trust me, they are very polite and responsive. You have to understand that you are not the firms only client, and you will need to be patient during the process. Going into it, I thought this would be a very quick case. It was not. A divorce may start off amicably, but it can get ugly very quickly. The best bet you have is to make sure you provide this firm with every bit of information you can, by being honest in that information, and by meeting your deadlines. Your attorney can only best represent you when they have your full cooperation. Depending on the matter or question, you will usually get a response within an hour or a day or two with this firm. Expect a back and forth between your attorney and your spouses attorney. You will be informed of every exchange that occurs between Mary and opposing counsel. Every case is different, not all will settle the exact same way. Mine took letting Mary handle my ex’s attorney, and me finally being able to reason with my spouse. Divorce is very emotional, and many people act on their emotions, and not logic. Especially when a divorce involves children. I highly recommend Mary and her team. It doesn’t hurt to at least get a consultation.


I used Mrs. Ramos in a divorce,cps, and child custody case. From the first time I met with her she was compassionate, informative, and on top of her game. The whole office staff does whatever they can to work with you and make a terrible situation as easy as possible. My process lasted almost a year and in this time frame I got a protective order, prosecuted my ex, had the cps closed, got full custody of my beautiful daughter, and my divorce was finalized. My 6 year old says Mary saved our lives. I now have a brand new life with my daughter and for the first time we both feel safe and content. Thank you Mary and Staff!!!

Ms. Ramos is a terrific and honorable attorney

She is in control and will make sure your case is up to date, although some of her support (employees ) are somewhat non-responsive to your questions and any hard copy of your case development. You may have to be patient and make several calls to obtain any information. I do recommend Ms. Ramos. She knows all about the law as far as I’m concerned.

I recommend her to every father out there.

Every attorney I talked to said it was a lost case for me. She got what I needed done.

I Would Use Her Again

Mary handled my child support case. I was using the OAG, but they took for ever and couldn’t get my ex served. So I contacted Mary. She saw me the same day that I called. I signed contract, did the requested paperwork, and in like two weeks I had my hearing set and my ex was served. She told me up front that for all questions I should email and I was always quick to get a response that way. If not by her, then her staff would update me. She has two staff members, both named Christina, so that was helpful. She does bill for everything, but its all in her contract so there was no hidden surprised. But, she was a good attorney. She came to Court, not on time, but that was understandable because she had other cases set that day, anyway, she showed up, was prepared, and had all her calculations done. She talks fast, but gets the job done. She got my ex to agree to the amount of support that she had calculated based on the financial info she received from both of us. Everything else fell into place and she had our final orders drafted and emailed to us within days. Loved the fast pace and she even worked with me on payment plan for her services. I would use her again. I told her I would see her in 3 years for my child support review.

Agressive Go To Lawyer

I used Ms. Ramos for a paternity suit and she was great. I didn’t get all the call backs I wanted, but I always was kept in the loop via email. She is a busy woman, but she is great at what she does.


While we do achieve positive results for our clients, it is possible that results may vary from case to case. Testimonials, endorsements and historical results do not constitute a guarantee, warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of any legal matter.

M. D.

“What a pleasant surprise to hear from you. I hope you and Ms Ramos are doing well. I would be happy to be able to refer clients to your firm. I felt that I was well represented by Ms Ramos and you were very professional about your work. Most of all I greatly appreciated the promptness of your email replies during the whole ordeal.

G. P.

“After searching for the right lawyer to represent me, I can truely say I was super blessed to finally find Mary Ramos and her awesome staff. Jessica, Marys associate, was amazing! She’s extremely knowledgeable and I was very empressed on how she handle my case. The staff is great and there definitely on top of things all the time. I would definitely reccomend there services without a doubt to anyone in need of a family lawyer!”

J. G.

“Everyone at the office is so friendly and helpful; I tried to do my own divorce and was having an extremely difficult time but their staff was very understanding and completed my final divorce decree in one week. I highly recommend them to anyone needing legal help.”

A. M.

I received paperwork from my ex-wife days before the custody hearing and did not have a Lawyer to represent me. I searched for Fathers rights firms in Houston and The Ramos Firm was a top result. After the initial consult with The Ramos Firm, I hired them. They were able to stop the hearing, guided me through the entire mediation process in a professional manner, and as of yesterday my ex-wife has limited custody, while my daughters primary residence is with me! There is nothing I can say to express my gratitude to The Ramos Firm.

K. R.

“I would highly recommend anyone needing legal support in a divorce to use Ramos Family Law. Every person I dealt with was professional and worked hard to provide the best service possible. The legal advice was straight-forward with no hidden meanings or agendas. When I asked questions for clarification, I was given the honest answer that would best benefit my situation. I cannot praise them enough for their help and support.”

D. G.

“On top of her Game! Mary is what my husband and I call a Pistol! She is confident and in my opinon runs the show. She not only won our case but blew it out the park. She was preapred for our court date and had all her ducks in a row. We would use again with a second thought! Thank you Mary and to your staff for all your hard work!”

K. T.

“Mary Ramos has a very talented team of legal assistants and paralegals. I was very impressed by her attention to detail in handling our child custody case. Her team aggressively pursued our case through constant emails and digital documents. Leading up to the trial they ensured we were very prepared by reviewing all the details of our case with us. On the day of the trial she was very well prepared and ready to present our case to the judge. Due to her efforts we were successful in gaining custody of our daughter. I would highly recommend The Ramos Law Group, PLLC to anyone looking for a lawyer that has your best interest at heart. She is definitely one of Houston’s best family lawyers.”

J. B.

“Ramos Law Group, PLLC was prompt and courteous and made the divorce process run smoothly. They handled everything for me from start to finish at a reasonable price which I so appreciated during this difficult time. I will definitely be retaining their services should any further legal matters arise. Again…thank you Ramos Law Group, PLLC…class act all the way!”

E. K.

“ATTENTION ALL FATHERS- After calling so many other attorneys and letting them know my situation, none seemed as confident and knowledgable as Mrs. Mary Ramos. She doesn’t boggle you with all the possible scenarios, she knows what to do and how to do it. In my experience with her she puts other attorneys to shame. I am thankful for the full and complete help from Mrs. Ramos and her entire staff, including Christina. Thank you for getting me custody of my son.”


“Mary and her staff are fair and get results. I am a father who thanks to this law firm I know have full custody of my daughter when every other lawyer said it was impossible. Even more impressive was the staff and the fact that my monthly invoices were accurate and fair, with no hidden costs or fees. I would highly recommend this law firm for anyone that needs help in securing the welfare of their children and peace of mind.”

E. K.

“I hired Attorney Mary E. Ramos to keep my son’s mom from moving out of state to where I couldn’t see him anymore but for maybe twice a year. Mrs. Ramos did me one better and got me full custody of him. She helped restore my faith in the legal system. As a father, I was ambiguous about what rights I was entitled to and Mrs. Ramos took care of everything. She handled all the dirty work and now I see my son everyday. On top of that she’s very willing to work out an easy payment plan. I couldn’t have gotten a better lawyer.”


I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful efforts, communication, and patience. I adore anyone who can have that approach in business especially whats so personal to clients. I will stay in touch. Thank you!

F. J.

“Mary Ramos and staff are amazing. I spoke with six other lawyers before meeting with Mary and did not like being treated like a kid do to my age. From the first time I met with Mrs. Ramos I felt like I was being treated like a Individual and my case was not as horrible as other lawyers I had spoken with predicted. Everything was explained thoroughly and she had a plan drawn up by the end of the meeting. I was then sent over to Christina who made a payment schedule for me. Walking out of the office I I felt hopeful for the first time since my situation began although I didn’t hire her that day. My court date was a week later and I was bombarded by the other parties attorney and staff. Luckily Mary was in court that day and agreed to sit with me. I immediately after went to her office and hired her. I knew I wanted her to represent me after seeing the other attorney shivering and the judge greet her so kindly . My case was handled very professional and in a timely matter. If I ever have another issue I will definitely be using Mrs. Ramos.”

E. M.

“I am so happy that my case is over. I couldn’t of found a better attorney to represent me in my case. I’m finally able to see my kids. Thank you for everything.”

O. M.

“I’m so glad I found Mary!! I was going a bit crazy with all the unknowns I had regarding my divorce so when I went in for the consultation, I had a list of questions and Mary gave me the time to ask them and she answered them. I immediately knew she was going to handle my case because she is so knowledgable and you can see the passion for what she does. Not only that but she was able to put my mind to ease and made me feel I was in great hands and I sure was. My divorce was finalized about a month ago and I am very happy with her services! As a matter of fact, I’ve already referred two friends to Mary. She was just what I needed!!”

C. B.

“Mary went out of her way to help us from the beginning. She helped us figure out what we needed to do for our case and was so kind all the while. She absolutely knows the law and has the best and most informative website that was extremely helpful. Mary and Alfredo were very attentive and responsive to our needs.”

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