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That said, we can’t guarantee results, and per the Texas State Bar, we must state that results may vary. But with our track record of success, it’s clear Ramos Law Group, PLLC knows winning divorce strategies. Below are a few results our Houston family law attorneys earned for past clients.

#1. Step-father wins custody

After an exhaustive jury trial, our client who was the step-father was granted custody of his step-daughter. This type of result is rare as the courts are more likely to award custody to a biological parent over non-biological parent a majority of the time.

#2. Protective order against our client is denied

Our client was accused of domestic violence and was in the middle of a protective order trial when they reached out to us for help. We do not take last minute cases or ones that are already in the middle of trial, but after hearing their story, we decided to accept the case. We pulled a few all-nighters, and after several days the protective order filed against our client was denied, and the one we filed against the opposing party was granted.

#3. Dad awarded custody & substantial portion of estate

After a multi-day bench trial, our client was awarded custody of his child and maintained a substantial portion of their community estate. After the case finalized with the district court, the opposing party filed an appeal with the 14th Court of Appeals of Texas and after our response to their appeal, it was denied.

#4. Protective order denied & client is awarded joint custody

Accused by his wife of domestic violence and after being arrested our client hired us to assist with divorce and the protective order trial. After taking the case, our Houston family law attorneys were able to prove that wife staged the incident of domestic violence thus her request for a protective order was denied. Additionally, while mom’s goal was to limit access for dad, he was granted joint custody of the children.

#5. Our client receives 70% of community assets

Our client was the moneyed party, so we made a generous offer of a 45% to 55% split in favor of the other party to finalize the case quickly and to keep cost at a minimum. The opposing party declined the offer, so we took it to trial. After a few days of a bench trial, we effectively won the divorce case. The judge awarded a 70% to 30% split in favor of our client.

#6. The Hail Mary Win

A client hired a week before trial for custody of her eight-month-old baby. Dad had everything in his favor including a social study and all witnesses. After a cross-examination by Mary E. Ramos, the judge granted primary custody to mom. This case was tried against a very senior board certified attorney who then implemented the “hail Mary clause” in her office to remind her staff that even a potentially hopeless case has a chance for a successful outcome.


While we do achieve positive results for our clients, it is possible that results may vary from case to case. Testimonials, endorsements and historical results do not constitute a guarantee, warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of any legal matter.

Winning your divorce begins with a call to Ramos Law Group, PLLC. Our Houston family law attorneys will relentlessly fight for the best outcome on your behalf. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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