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photo of large office buildingMary E. Ramos and the Ramos Law Group are Sugar Land divorce lawyers who have developed comprehensive divorce and family law knowledge base to help potential clients and other Texans come to terms with a divorce, learn about the process and other potential divorce issues that may arise.   The divorce and family law blog includes a wide range of topics including divorce process, child support guidelines, child custody, support enforcement and division of marital property.

If you face a high-value estate divorce, custody, domestic violence or other family law issues, then you came to right place.   Each of our gladiators are well trained and understands all aspects of the divorce and the unique considerations required with high wealth estates and highly contested litigation.   Our team is here to help you reduce the stress, help you heal and achieve the happiness you deserve.   The articles linked on this page discuss specific aspects of divorce, child custody, child support community property, modification of divorce degrees and enforcement.

Sugarland Divorce Lawyer, Mary E. Ramos, is a Family Law attorney who is Board certified in the state of Texas by the Board of Legal Specialization since 2014. This title is reserved for attorneys who demonstrate the highest level of public achievement in their respective fields. Mrs. Ramos and her team are passionate about what they do and actively work to grow their knowledge on family law and further develop their litigation skills by spending at least 80 hours in training. In addition, our attorneys and support staff attend the Advanced Family Law Course offered by the State Bar of Texas. We also require our staff to attend litigation skill building courses offered by the National Family Law Trial Institute. The articles below go over different aspects of divorce. They can be used as points of reference during divorce proceedings.

If you are facing family law issues, the Sugar Land Divorce Blog is here to help.  Below are a few divorce and family law tips to help you get through the process:

Divorce Tips: 

Keep The Peace -  Keeping the peace between the parties can be the difference between spending a few dollars or paying off the attorney's school loan

Don't Move Out Of the House - The house is usually the biggest asset to negotiate.  If you're not in fear for your safety, do not move out of the house before speaking with an attorney.

Maintain the Status Quo -   Don't make drastic changes to your lifestyle such as buying a Corvette or cutting off your spouse from the steam of income.  Guys DON'T buy the girlfriend diamonds since you are still considered married until the judge signs off on the final order.

Keep the Kids Out of it -  NEVER use the kids as a tool to hurt the other party, and DON'T put them in the middle.   Let's let our kids grow with the love of both parents.

Stay Off Social Media -  Don't post anything you wouldn't want your mother or the judge to see.  Set your social media settings to private away from public view and make sure not to delete anything once the case has been filed without the advice of an attorney.

Divorce Blogs:

Top 5 Mistakes In A Divorce

The divorce process can be overwhelming. While there are many stressors involved, taking control of finances is well known to be one of the most burdensome tasks. Thus, it is essential for you to take a few steps to ensure that you are setting yourself up for success once the divorce is final. The 5 Steps to Help Financially prepare for a divorce include:

  • Making copies of financial records
  • Obtaining a credit report
  • Getting your own accounts
  • Getting your debt under control
  • Starting a budget

While these five steps do not cover every aspect of the financial preparation necessary to gain independence post-divorce, the steps are a great start to become in control of your own money and move to living with only one income.

Top 5 Reasons to Mediate A Divorce

Most people feel that the only option in their divorce case is to go to court; that is not the case whatsoever. Most often, cases are settled in mediation without having to go to court. There are a variety of reasons why mediation is most beneficial in divorce cases. The 5 main reasons to mediate vs. going to trial are as follows:

  • Some courts require mediation
  • You retain control over the outcome
  • Less costly than litigation
  • Privacy concerns
  • Timetable

These reasons show how valuable mediation is in divorce cases and why people should keep an open mind when it comes to settling their divorce case without going to trial.

Top 5 Ways to Reduce Your Attorney’s Fees

Let’s be honest: emotions are high during the divorce process. With this, you will possibly think and act in ways they never thought possible. To have as smooth of a divorce process as possible, it is essential that you actively work to keep a level head. The 5 main things to avoid during the divorce process include:

  • Don’t involve the kids
  • Don’t make unreasonable demands
  • Don’t be adversarial
  • Don’t refuse to communicate
  • Don’t spend a lot of money or incur a lot of debts

While these all seem like obvious things to avoid, emotions will bring the worst out of you. By following these guidelines, your divorce process is likely to be much smoother than those who act in a way that leads to animosity between parties.

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