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Pearland Enforcement of Orders Attorney
When you have your divorce decree in hand, it can feel like you finally reached the end of a long, winding road. But even the most amicable divorce can sour if one partner refuses to comply with the terms set out in the decree. 

If you live in the Pearland, TX, area and your ex-partner is violating your divorce decree, the Ramos Law Group can help. The law provides tools for the enforcement of a divorce decree to help you recover what you are owed, and we are passionate about helping those struggling with family law issues. Reach out today so one of our Pearland enforcement of orders attorneys can guide you through enforcing your divorce decree.

Orders in Divorce Decrees

Your divorce decree may include many pieces, such as:

  • Spousal support,
  • Property division,
  • Child support, and
  • Child custody.

Depending on the circumstances, you may also have a protective order for yourself or your child.

How to Request Enforcement

If your ex-partner refuses to abide by the terms of your divorce, you can ask a judge to order them to comply. When you request that a judge enforce the order, you must identify how your ex-partner violated the order and explain your preferred resolution.

Sometimes, you may request the judge declare your ex-partner in contempt of court. If the judge rules your ex-partner committed contempt, they can order six months of jail time and a fine of up to $500. The judge can also order them to cover your attorney fees and court costs.

Enforcement of Provisions Related to Children

Resolving how to care for children is often the most challenging part of a divorce. An enforcement of orders lawyer can assist when your ex-partner tries to rehash child custody or child support after the decree is finalized.,

Child Custody

The court treats interfering with the rights of the other parent to access their child seriously. If your partner shows up late for exchanges or tries to keep your child away from you without your consent, you can file a motion to enforce your custody order. When they repeatedly fail to comply with the terms of your custody agreement, you may also seek to modify the arrangement.

Child Support

You can also file a motion to enforce a child support order. If the other party falls more than 30 days behind on payments or has repeatedly failed to pay, the court may order that the amount the person owes be withheld from their paycheck. The amount withheld can also include overdue payments with interest.

Enforcement of Provisions Unrelated to Children

Whether or not you share children with your ex-partner, your divorce likely addressed how to split shared property and whether one partner would pay the other spousal support.


Most couples have shared property. Establishing how that property will be split can be one of the most contentious aspects of a divorce. You can file a lawsuit to enforce your post-divorce property division. If necessary, the judge may authorize the police to recover your property or remove your ex-partner from a location.

Spousal Support

Your divorce decree may also include a provision ordering one partner to pay the other spousal support, also called “maintenance” under Texas law. If your partner fails to pay the money they owe you, you can file to enforce the order. As long as the amount of support owed in the decree does not exceed the amount permitted under law, the court can hold your ex-partner in contempt for failing to pay. Your partner may avoid being found in contempt if they convince the court they cannot afford to pay.

Enforcement of Protective Orders

If your ex-partner abused you or your child, your divorce may include a protective order forbidding them from coming close to you or contacting you. Respond cautiously any time your ex-partner violates a protective order. If anyone is in immediate danger, call emergency services. Even if your ex-partner is not threatening you or your child, report their conduct to the authorities. Keep a written record of every violation of the order.

Depending on the circumstances, the state may criminally prosecute your ex-partner, or you may prosecute them in a quasi-criminal contempt proceeding. 

Contact the Ramos Law Group

Negotiating the terms of a divorce decree is invariably difficult. When your ex-partner refuses to comply with the hard-fought provisions of that decree, it can feel like the divorce never truly ended. If you are struggling to get your ex-partner to cooperate with your divorce decree in the Pearland, TX, area, the Ramos Law Group can help. Led by Mary Ramos, board-certified as an expert in family law, we are committed to providing compassionate, excellent service. We offer an innovative, client-centered approach to those needing a Pearland enforcement of orders attorney. Contact us today.

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Our Client Testimonials

Superb Law Firm

The decision to end my 25-year marriage was not an easy one, but hiring the Ramos Law Group was. From the initial consultation to the execution of the Divorce Decree everyone at the firm displayed the utmost professionalism and I was treated as if I was their only client. My attorney Lindsey, always provided precise legal guidance, was usually one step ahead of the opposing counsel, and had a superb understanding of how things would play out in the court room. Additionally, whenever my case needed a little extra horsepower, Mary provided that "surge" to keep things on track.

Worth Every Penny

"Ms. Ramos and her entire staff worked with professionalism and compassion to guide me through the most difficult time of my life and to an outcome that was best for my family and myself. Ramos Law is incredible and I highly, highly recommend their services."

Custody case won

"I was recommended to see Mary Ramos for my on coming custody case,it was the best thing I could've done honestly.The Ramos law group was quick with emailed responses and telephone calls,informative with ANY questions I had and they also took action with what they thought would work,which it did,I had money troubles and they were still willing to help they sent me with a younger lawyer Lindsey Lewis to help save some money and she was the best!She knew what she was doing and Mary was still on my case to make sure things went smoothly and to catch any details Lindsey and I might have missed.All in all I am a very satisfied client and if I ever needed a family lawyer again I would come back.My case was won as I received primary for my daughter which is exactly what I asked for.If you're willing to listen to what they have to say and follow their guidance they're definitely worth hiring.I thought I wanted sole custody for my daughter and they explained that wasn't in the best interest for her and honestly they were right,they speak to you on a professional level and also a real level of how things are actually going to work and what could happen if you take a certain action.They definitely care about their clients and make their own bond with you,you're not just money in their pockets you turn into family. "

Divorce Attorney

"I received excellent advice and representation from Ms. Lindsey Lewis. She kept me updated at every step of the process, and I never felt as if my case was set aside. I would hire The Ramos Law Group in the future. "

Highly recommend

"I started my divorce with a lawyer who was not very responsive. My divorce case was complicated and needed more laborious scrutiny. Since the case was not moving forward I had to switch lawyers. Made the switch to Ramos Law group. Since the very first day Mary and her team have been very efficient and meticulous. Since the case was complicated the team had to go through myriads of pages in discovery. I was pleased with the legal team that helped us handle the paperwork in a very timely manner. All my questions were answered very promptly. The relay of information was easy with their software system. We finally had a law firm that we could trust. My divorce was finalized and I only have Mary and her team to thank for going through a difficult divorce. I would highly recommend the Ramos law group for their help and support for getting my life back on track. "

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