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What is an uncontested (Agreed) divorce?

An uncontested divorce is the quickest and the least expensive way to get divorced in Texas.  In this type of divorce both parties must be able to remove the emotional side of divorce and treat the process as a business transaction without the need of extensive litigation.

To quality for an uncontested divorce both parties must be in agreement with all of the following terms:

  • Agree to be divorced
  • Have a solid agreement on all issues
    • Child custody, Visitation and Access
    • Child support
    • Division of community assets
    • Division of retirement funds
    • Agree to use one attorney
    • Voluntarily sign all legal documents without service on any party

Simply put, a Contested Divorce situation exists when one or more requirements listed above are absent.  Furthermore, an uncontested divorce can be finalized on the 61st day after filing the original petition for divorce.   This time includes the required 60 day cooling off period required by the state of Texas.

In most cases, the uncontested divorce process is completed at a fraction of the cost of a contested case.  To read more about our uncontested divorce process visit our agreed divorce page:

Uncontested Divorce

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