Simplify your divorce. Hire the uncontested divorce specialists at Ramos Law Group. Our firm can help with expert legal counsel that makes the experience easier while keeping the case quick and costs low.

The Ramos Law Group has a long history of successful outcomes, bringing some of the most difficult cases in Texas to satisfying conclusions. If you and your spouse can agree on all issues of property division and child custody, our firm can take care of the rest.

If you’ve reached an agreement, we can also help you lock it in before the other party changes their mind. We can get a mediated settlement agreement in place to avoid potential litigation on tricky issues like child support and alimony.

How Our Attorneys Can Help You

During your initial consultation, we will listen to the facts of your situation and build an effective strategy to bring about the best possible outcome based on your goals.

We get it, divorce is a stressful time. We’ll let you know up front about all the times you’ll need to be involved. Then our expert legal team will take care of the rest.

Expert Guidance in Family Law

From our very first consultation, you will have the attentive, respectful, and experienced support you need.

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  • Day 1
    • Get Started
    • Receive Completed Contract
    • Provide Client Questionnaire
  • Day 3
    • Client Questionnaie Due Date
    • Note: Orignal petition is usually drafted & filed within 24 hours of recieving a completed contract and client questionnaire
  • Day 5
    • If Client Questionnaire is Complete:
    • Draft Orignal Petition & Waivre of Service
    • File Orignal Petition for Divorce
  • Day 7
    • Email Wavier of Service to client
    • If applicable, client is registered for a parenting class
  • Day 14
    • Orignal & Notarized Wavier of Service must be returned & filed with the court
    • Note: Failure to provide an Orignal & Notarized Wavier of Service will delay the case
  • Day 20
    • Draft and forward Final Divorce Decree to client for review
    • Client must provide parrenting certificate on this date
  • Day 30
    • Make all revisions and email the same to client for final review
    • Client must provide parenting certificate on this date
  • Day 45
    • Schedule Final Court (Prove Up)
  • Day 61 or later
    • Prove up Final Divorce Decree

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