Why Choose a Board Certified Attorney?

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Why choose a Board Certified attorney over a non-Board certified attorney in the state of Texas? There are several reasons why choosing a board certified attorney could mean a better experience for the client and a more favorable outcome for their case.  Becoming a Board Certified attorney requires that an attorney in the state of Texas to have practiced law for at least five years, with a minimum of three years in the specialty area.

After passing an evaluation by fellow lawyers and judges the attorney must take and pass a 6-hour written certification exam, the attorney is required to continue ongoing involvement in their specialty area and attend Texas Board of Legal Specialization approved legal education courses.

The standard that Board Certified Attorneys must meet shows a level of commitment to their specific field of law and an ongoing interest in learning the current trends in the law.  A board certified attorney has more knowledge and experience in a certain, specific area of law as compared to an attorney who practices in several different areas of law.

The advantage of a board certified attorney to a non-board certified attorney is more than just the results of passing a certification test. A board certified attorney possesses a greater level of experience in a single field, maintains close relations with other attorneys within their specific field, and gains constant notoriety amongst their peers in the legal community.  Each of these advantages provide for a better result for the Board Certified Attorney’s client because experience, close relationships, and notoriety all work together in obtaining the best legal result possible for the client.

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