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Want the best andriod phone on the market? | OnePlus One

Our family has purchased 4 of the Oneplus One phones and we love them. This is a new company so to manage inventory they use an invite system so in order to buy one you must have an invite. That may change in the future but for now you have no option other than receiving an invite from a friend or directly from the company. If you would like an invitation please the first to claim one of the ones below. Good Luck all!

RamosFamilyLaw.com Website Down Due a Technical Issue With Godaddy.

Earlier today our site was down for approximately 4 hours due to a technical issue associated to the server where our website is hosted. On initial contact, Godaddy quoted us a fix time of between 1 - 72 hours to fix the issue. However, they would not release any specifics as to the cause of the issue. Our firm has decided to move to a more reliable hosting provider in the near future.

How Do I Download My Entire Facebook Timeline For My Divorce Attorney?

In response to the technological advances we have seen in the past decade, many divorce attorneys are becoming more computer and internet savvy.  A request for a download of your Facebook profile is a fairly standard requirement. Facebook has updated its programming to enable you to download a complete history of your Facebook profile in a few simple steps. Keep in mind that the download may include deleted messages and information that you may not want to be publicly available, so please make every effort to secure the download.

Should I Change My Passwords When Filing For Divorce? LinkedIn?

With the news that 6.5 million LinkedIn passwords were recently leaked and the fact that internet security breaches are commonplace, the simple answer is YES.   However, simply changing your password doesn’t solve the underlying problem without an increase in the password complexity and frequency of password changes.  Yes, this means we all have to remember more complex passwords and change them more frequently but in the long run more secure passwords will keep your confidential information secure.