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What is Agreement Incident to Divorce (AID)?

An Agreement Incident to Divorce (AID) is prepared in addition to the Final Decree of Divorce or in addendum to the Final Decree. The Final Decree can reference the Agreement Incident to Divorce, which will include all the specific financial or property details. Agreements Incident to Divorce are not typically imaged for public consumption like the Final Decree. The Final Decree of Divorce is the legal tool signed by a judge that grants the divorce, while the AID is what fleshes out the agreements stemming from the divorce.

Does Making It Rain = Wasting Community Assets or Reimbursement Claim in Divorce?

Many Texans (both male and female) enjoy blowing some steam off at adult entertainment establishments. Almost any Texas divorce attorney will tell you they have handled a divorce where a contentious issue was money spent at such an entertainment venue. Surely spending money at a gentleman’s club can’t hurt your divorce case, right?

Special Considerations When Divorcing High Asset Individuals

A Texas divorce can encompass complicated legal issues and extreme emotions, but the complexities are elevated to another level when the matter involves high net worth assets. In such a case, the marital estate can be significant and often includes a combination of real estate, personal property, separate property, and marital assets. Plus, some high …

Delay Tactics During Your Texas Divorce

There may be a multitude of reasons for why a Texas spouse may be delaying their potential or ongoing divorce matter. While we will save an analysis of the motivation for another day, we would like to discuss some of the common delay tactics used in a divorce and how to combat those tactics.

Do High Asset Individuals Need Special Legal Help With Divorce?

While going through a divorce is never easy, high asset couples face some unique challenges. If you are part of a high asset couple, you need a divorce attorney who knows how to protect your legal rights and financial interests. Among other things, high net worth couples may need to worry about identifying assets, dealing …

What Comes Next After a Divorce Judgment?

It’s finally over.  After years of feeling stuck in an unsatisfying marriage, you and your estranged spouse are officially divorced thanks in part to your attorney. The judge has signed your divorce order, so now, you are ready to transition into life as a single person, full speed ahead. Not so fast, though. There are …

Finding Hidden Assets in a Texas Divorce

Hidden Assets in a Texas Divorce Whenever a person is going through a divorce, it is often their main goal to obtain the best property division possible. This can help the healing process and set that person up for success in the next chapter of their life. Unfortunately, many people find that while going through …

Maintaining Your Standard of Living After Divorce

Maintaining Your Standard of Living After Divorce Divorce is a financial strain on even the most budget-minded person. Typically, a divorce results in a two-income household becoming a one-household. Even more jarring, sometimes a household that relied on one breadwinner becomes two households on one income. Financial woes or stress are to be expected when …

How To Determine The Value Of A Business In A Divorce?

If you are seeking a divorce in Texas and either you or your spouse owns a business that was started during the time of the marriage, it is likely this is going to become a contested issue in your divorce. Determining the value of a business is much more complicated than determining the value of …

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