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De-Escalating Conflict in Your Marriage

Divorce may be our firm’s bread and butter, but we do strive to help our clients and potential clients maximize the relationships in their lives. The Ramos Law Group, PLLC believes that less conflict, whether during the marriage or during the divorce process, is a good thing. While we would love to represent you if you are initiating the divorce process, we also would like to offer some tips as to how to de-escalate the existing tension in your marriage.

Dissolution of Marriage in Texas

For a dissolution of marriage in Texas, there is a formal legal process to follow. Separation vs. Divorce vs. Dissolution In some states, there is a legal distinction between a separation, a divorce, and a dissolution of marriage. In Texas, however, this is not the case. First, there is no formal legal status for a...

Monthly Tips on How to Stay Married

Have you been searching for tips on how you stay married or keep your marriage intact? I have based my marriage on five tips that have helped build my marriage foundation and these tips have stayed intact my seven years of marriage. I will give you a tip a month on how I stay married...