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Does Making It Rain = Wasting Community Assets or Reimbursement Claim in Divorce?

Many Texans (both male and female) enjoy blowing some steam off at adult entertainment establishments. Almost any Texas divorce attorney will tell you they have handled a divorce where a contentious issue was money spent at such an entertainment venue. Surely spending money at a gentleman’s club can’t hurt your divorce case, right?

What Does Divorce by Agreement Mean in Texas?

A common misperception about the divorce process is that it is an expensive and lengthy process. While this may be the case for a contentious divorce, uncontested divorce, that is, a divorce by agreement in Texas, can be quick and relatively painless. The Process of an Uncontested Divorce by Agreement To begin the uncontested divorce...

How are Business Assets Handled in a Texas Divorce?

Business Assets In Texas Divorce The state of Texas is home to a multitude of businesses, both large and small. Businesses are the core of Texas’ great economy. But how does a Texas court handle a business asset should a marriage dissolve? First – Is the business part of the community estate? Texas is a...

Business Owner’s Guide to a Divorce

Guide To Divorce In Texas Today’s business owners are not the mom and pop type of yesterday. They must be business savvy, up on market trends and vigilant about their social media presence. A divorce can have a devastating effect on a thriving business if not handled correctly. A business owner contemplating a divorce in...