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What Deems a Parent Noncustodial?

In Texas, many parents share joint managing conservatorship, which is our state’s term for joint custody. While conservatorship is labeled as joint, one parent is named the primary conservator and the other, by default, is the non-primary parent. Only lawyers typically use the word conservator. So for primary conservator think “custodial parent,” and for non-primary...

Steps To Take To Get Legal Custody Of My Child Back

There are many different situations under which you may have lost legal custody of your child, such as where: A court found that you were an unsuitable parent; You did not participate in a paternity case; or, A judge awarded sole custody to your child’s other parent in a divorce matter. As a result of...

How Are Child Custody Cases Enforced

The majority of parents who have their child’s best interests in mind would never intentionally interfere with custody or visitation issues. Unfortunately, there are some that willfully violate a legally-binding court order regardless of the consequences. This type of misconduct is clearly unlawful but, as a parent, your immediate concern will be how to enforce...

Parenting Plans and COVID-19

COVID-19 has impacted almost every aspect of Texans’ lives in some way, whether through job issues, staying home, social distancing, and other impacts. The pandemic also has unique implications for individuals who have a parenting plan in place to cover child custody and visitation. Even though things are starting to return to normal in some...

How Does Child Custody Work in a Natural Disaster?

As Houston sits on pins and needles awaiting the possible landfall of Hurricane Laura, the Ramos Law Group, PLLC would like to take the opportunity to help our clients and potential clients navigate these unprecedented waters of child custody in Texas under these conditions.

Should I File For Divorce During The COVID-19 Pandemic?

Sheltering-in-place and quarantining with your spouse and children is enough to make anyone crazy. Small arguments escalate into larger problems and you’ve probably come to the realization you hate how your spouse chews their food or hums while they work. China saw an uptick in divorce filings once the tight restrictions were lifted and divorce attorneys expect to see a similar trend in the United States.