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Have You Been Served With a Protective Order in Texas?

A protective order in Texas is a legal order that prohibits a person from having contact (physical, telephonic, electronic, etc) with the person or persons they are accused of abusing. Protective orders can be a life-saving tool for victims of domestic violence, but can also be extremely detrimental to those falsely accused of domestic violence. The result of an Order of Protection being ordered can include loss of access to and possession of children, being kicked out of the marital residence, losing your constitutional right to own firearms, and punitive costs and fines.

Domestic Violence in the Shadow of COVID-19

Domestic violence rates tend to increase in times of uncertainty, and the coronavirus pandemic is no different. When domestic violence victims (both adult and children) are forced to shelter in place with their abusers, the violence escalates. Per the Houston Chronicle, reports of family assault in Houston increased 158% from February to March and that trend has continued as unemployment, school closures, and shelter-in-place mandates have forced Texans to remain in their homes.

Have you been the victim of domestic violence during your divorce?

Divorce is a time of extreme emotions for many people, and, unfortunately, domestic violence sometimes occurs immediately before or after a divorce filed. No amount of stress can ever justify violence, and if violence has occurred in your home you need to take actions to protect yourself, and your children. The divorce process is long and stressful, and if domestic violence has occurred once, it may happen again. The most important thing to do if you are ever the victim of domestic violence is to call the police.

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