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Overcoming an Impasse in Divorce Mediation in Texas

We have all heard horror stories about how a divorce can turn into a nasty, difficult, and emotionally draining fight. The good news is that divorce does not have to be that way. Indeed, the vast majority of people want an amicable divorce. Mediation is one of the best legal options for divorcing couples looking …

Divorce Mediation: Ramos Law Group, PLLC Debunks the Myths

Divorce is an emotionally draining process. Much of this is by nature, as it’s hard for people to avoid feeling pain while ending their marriage. Some emotional pain, however, can be avoided, and mediation is a good way to do this. There are many myths surrounding mediation, but the process benefits a variety of divorcing …

What Happens After Divorce Mediation In Texas?

In Texas, many cases are settled during mediation. A mediation agreement is a binding agreement signed by all parties and their attorneys that resolves all of the issues in case. Once an agreement is reached, the most difficult part of the case is over, but there are still several steps that need to be taken to finalize the agreement. First, the mediator files the agreement with the court. In most cases, the agreement is filed within twenty-four hours. In many courts, especially in cases involving child custody, one party must “prove up” the mediated settlement agreement in front of the judge.

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