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What to Expect from Divorce Mediation

Although uncontested divorces do happen, they are few and far between. Most divorces are contested, meaning that one or both of the spouses disagree on at least one issue. There are many facts to consider during a divorce, including division of property, child custody, spousal and child maintenance, and plenty more. One highly effective way to arrive at a suitable compromise is to seek professional mediation. Hiring the right lawyers in Houston, Texas and using a good mediator is the best way to ensure that you will get ideal results when all is said and done and the divorce is final.

Should You Use a Mediator?

Most people going through a divorce find that mediation is an effective way to save time and money. In an emotionally charged situation, it can be difficult to make fair and appropriate decisions on your own. A mediator is an impartial, third party person who will facilitate negotiations, open the lines of communication, and hopefully help both parties to arrive at a compromise that works for everyone.. If you find that you are stuck at a standstill, you may want to consider mediation. Always ask your lawyer in Houston, Texas for advice before agreeing to mediation.

Mediation Vs. a Court Hearing

The advantage of using a mediator is that it can allow you to bypass the hassle of going to court. Waiting times can be quite long, and most people want to get the divorce finalized as soon as possible. If you are able to come to an amicable agreement with just the help of lawyers in Houston, Texas and a mediator, you can avoid going to court entirely. Even if you are not able to agree on all issues, resolving some of them will still make the process easier in the long run.

The Mediation Process

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While every situation is different, you can expect to meet in a series of sessions, each lasting around an hour or two. During the first session, the mediator and spouses will sit down and discuss what issues need to be handled, and the order in which they will be addressed. The mediator will ask both spouses for materials necessary to proceed, such as documentation, financial records, and so on. The mediator will attempt to facilitate an open dialogue during the next sessions. This process will continue until the necessary compromises are reached, or it is established that no further progress can be made.

Does Mediation Replace the Need for an Attorney?

It is absolutely critical that you have your lawyer in Houston, Texas assisting you at all times, including during the mediation process. When your assets, family, and property are at stake, every moment counts. A good lawyer will be able to catch details that you may miss, such as retirement benefits or health coverage. They will be able to negotiate a better deal for you. Before you sign an agreement, it is essential that you have your lawyer go over everything to make sure that you are getting the best possible outcome. You should never have to settle unjustly, and a good divorce lawyer will make sure that you get what is fair.

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If you need a good divorce lawyer in Houston, Texas, or if you would like to learn more about mediation, contact the Ramos Law Group, PLLC. We have many years of experience helping people to get what is rightfully theirs in a divorce. Mediation can be a powerful tool, but it is not always effective. Having an attorney on your side gives you the confidence to go through the proceedings, knowing that you are not overlooking critical details. Call 713-225-6200 and schedule a consultation today.

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