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The Role of an Amicus Attorney

While a  divorce or custody battle can certainly be an emotionally trying time for both parties, it can be especially hard on children. Young kids may not be able to fully understand why these changes are happening. If they do comprehend the situation, they may feel hurt, or even as if they are to blame. It is vital for parents to keep the best interest of their children in mind at all times during this process. While a family lawyer in Houston, TX can certainly help in this situation, there are situations that require an amicus attorney to step in and help the children.

determine child supportProtect Your Child’s Best Interests

During a contested divorce or custody battle, it is common for both spouses to have differing opinions about custody arrangements. It can be all too easy to let emotions get in the way of better judgment, which is why it may be necessary to have an impartial third party intervene. A family lawyer in Houston, TX can fulfill this role in many situations, but there are times when a judge may deem an amicus necessary to achieve positive results for the children involved. An amicus attorney is one who specializes in the well-being of children who are going to be affected by the divorce.

When is an Amicus Necessary?

If the parties do not agree or the court is not able to come to a conclusive ruling regarding the children, it may be necessary to appoint an amicus attorney. If a spouse feels that the children are not getting what is best for them, they may request an amicus to take a more in-depth approach and get to the core of the issue. When neither parent requests an amicus, it is up to the judge to determine whether or not one is necessary..

What Can an Amicus Do?

The amicus can perform duties including interviews with children who are four years of age or older, interviewing other people who are a part of the child’s life, investigating the facts of the case, obtaining necessary records and documents, and more. You can help to streamline this process by creating a binder that has any information that you feel the amicus should know about. With this step, the amicus will be able to do their job much more efficiently. Talk to your family lawyer in Houston, TX for more information on what to include.

Should You Request an Amicus?

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All divorces are different, so it is impossible to say whether your children would benefit from an amicus attorney. If you feel like your child’s best interests are not being accurately represented, you may wish to request an amicus. Your family lawyer in Houston, TX will be able to offer you pertinent advice on whether or not to make such a request. If a judge feels like they are not getting the full story, they may appoint an amicus regardless of whether the spouses request one or not.

Get the Best Results for You and Your Children

As you look for a family lawyer in Houston, TX, you must consider experience. Ramos Family Law Firm has served as amicus  for many cases, so we have the knowledge and resources necessary to help your children get the best possible situation. Don’t risk the well-being of your loved ones by hiring an inadequate lawyer. For unrivaled legal assistance, call 713-225-6200 and schedule a consultation today.

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