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Stocks and Divorce: What to Expect

At first glance, dealing with stocks in the Texas divorce process might seem relatively straightforward. They have a definite dollar value, so you probably assume one party could buy the other out – or you could sell and split the proceeds. However, there are different ownership attributes and tax implications that pertain to stocks, particularly...

Protecting Your Business Amidst A Messy Divorce

Handling assets is never an easy part of the divorce process in Texas, but property division is even more complicated when you or your spouse own a business. The basic legal concepts apply in the same way they do with other assets, in which items are identified as community property and split between the parties....

Does Making It Rain = Wasting Community Assets or Reimbursement Claim in Divorce?

Many Texans (both male and female) enjoy blowing some steam off at adult entertainment establishments. Almost any Texas divorce attorney will tell you they have handled a divorce where a contentious issue was money spent at such an entertainment venue. Surely spending money at a gentleman’s club can’t hurt your divorce case, right?

Will a “Happy Ending” Result in an Unhappy Divorce?

Will a “Happy Ending” Result in an Unhappy Divorce? While the Ramos Law Group, PLLC DOES NOT condone illegal or illicit behavior, we have seen our share of cases where individuals have taken advantage of services offered at adult establishments. It does not take a Board-Certified Family lawyer to tell you that receiving a ‘happy...

Special Considerations When Divorcing High Asset Individuals

A Texas divorce can encompass complicated legal issues and extreme emotions, but the complexities are elevated to another level when the matter involves high net worth assets. In such a case, the marital estate can be significant and often includes a combination of real estate, personal property, separate property, and marital assets. Plus, some high...

Delay Tactics During Your Texas Divorce

There may be a multitude of reasons for why a Texas spouse may be delaying their potential or ongoing divorce matter. While we will save an analysis of the motivation for another day, we would like to discuss some of the common delay tactics used in a divorce and how to combat those tactics.

De-Escalating Conflict in Your Marriage

Divorce may be our firm’s bread and butter, but we do strive to help our clients and potential clients maximize the relationships in their lives. The Ramos Law Group, PLLC believes that less conflict, whether during the marriage or during the divorce process, is a good thing. While we would love to represent you if you are initiating the divorce process, we also would like to offer some tips as to how to de-escalate the existing tension in your marriage.

Splitting a Medical Practice Due to Divorce

It’s common to face challenges if you’re getting divorced and need to address ownership interests in a business. Applying Texas asset division laws to a company is more complicated as compared to splitting other property, such as real estate or a vehicle. However, if the business at issue is a medical practice, there are additional...

Should I File For Divorce During The COVID-19 Pandemic?

Sheltering-in-place and quarantining with your spouse and children is enough to make anyone crazy. Small arguments escalate into larger problems and you’ve probably come to the realization you hate how your spouse chews their food or hums while they work. China saw an uptick in divorce filings once the tight restrictions were lifted and divorce attorneys expect to see a similar trend in the United States.