Standard Possession Order in Texas

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The Standard Possession Order in Texas comprises of a weekend possession calendar, which is normally the 1st, 3rd, and 5th weekends and a Thursday during the school year, for a weekday period of possession. You also have to include a possession calendar for the holiday schedule. You would determine when the holiday schedule would actually begin based on the school district that your child is enrolled in, or if your child is not enrolled in school, the school district that he would be enrolled in.

To determine when your holidays would start, we would technically include Thanksgiving. One year is to one custodial parent. The following year the second custodial parent would have that holiday. So you would rotate, even in odd years. There are two halves of Christmas Break every year. Typically, the parent who exercised the Thanksgiving holiday will then have the second half of Christmas Break so that the other parent will then have Christmas. And you guys will rotate that every year.

Typically, Christmas Break does start from the beginning of the Christmas Break or Winter Break for the school year and ends at noon on the 28th with the second parent picking up noon 28th and returning the child after school begins following the Christmas Break. You guys will rotate that every year. There’s also Spring Break every year. Again, custodial parents will rotate years even in odd years. Mother’s Day will have Mother’s Day weekends for mothers. Fathers will have Father’s Day weekends for fathers. The extended 30 day summer time, 30 days for the non-custodial parent. Then there are the children’s birthdays. If you are in possession of your child on your child’s birthday, then the other custodial parent may come and pick up the child and the child’s siblings from 6 to 8 p.m. on their birthday to take them to dinner.

All of these standard possession orders and schedules for your children are in lieu of the two of you actually having an agreement between the two of you of when you want to actually exchange your children. If the two of you decide we’re going to do our schedule and put this order away in a drawer and never look at it, that is great and that is fine. But the minute you cannot agree, then you will refer to the order because that would be the least amount of time you would be entitled to.

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