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I Can’t Afford An Attorney. Where Can I Get Free “Pro Bono” Or Reduced Representation?

The reality of any family law matter is that the costs associated can be very high. This is problematic for low income parties who still need competent representation. If you are in need of legal representation but can’t afford a retainer and attorney’s fees, the Houston area has several organizations which offer pro bono or reduced cost legal representation.

Two Houston area law schools, the University of Houston and South Texas College of Law, offer legal services at a reduced cost for Houston residents in several areas of law, including family law. The clinics are staffed by students who are under the supervision of licensed attorneys. You may reach the University of Houston Clinic at (713) 743-2094 or the South Texas College of Law Clinic at (713) 646-1743.

The Houston Volunteer Lawyers Program (HVLP) helps low-income citizens that other programs often cannot serve, such as those who may not meet the financial criteria of other legal assistance programs or non-US citizens. HVLP coordinates referrals to attorneys willing to do pro bono cases and works with a diverse clientele.  HVLP can be contacted at  or at (713)228-0732. HVLP also has an assistance booth in the basement of the Family Law Center located at 1115 Congress, Houston, Texas 77002.

Aid to Victims of Domestic Abuse (AVDA) is a nonprofit organization offering legal services to victims of domestic violence in the Houston area. If you are a victim of domestic violence you can contact and AVDA representative who will go over your case with you and you may be eligible for services. AVDA can be contacted at

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