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The Divorce Lawyer Houston Texas Deserves

Mary E .Ramos, the divorce lawyer Houston Texas deserves. Does this sound like a bit of an overstatement? Major claims are rightly held to major scrutiny, so we would be remiss if we didn’t take some time to defend this bold statement and outline the specifics of why Mary E. Ramos is so much more than your typical divorce lawyer. Houston Texas is one of the largest cities in the entire nation, and we certainly have no shortage of divorce attorneys peppered across this great metropolis, so we recognize that being the best requires more than just an exemplary understanding of the law.

In a Class by Herself

What sets the great attorneys apart from the good ones? Let’s start with the accolades. Mary E. Ramos has been presented with both the AVVO Clients’ Choice Award (2012) and the AVVO Excellence Award (2011), in addition to being designated a top family attorney with a 10.0 Superb rating.  H-Texas Magazine ranked her among their Top Lawyers for the People – Family Law (2009) and H-Town Magazine ranked her among their Top Young Professionals on the Fast Track (2007).

She started her legal career as an intern in the 312th Family District court, and his since risen to become one of the most esteemed family attorneys in the state. In addition to obtaining her JD, Mary has completed more than 20 comprehensive training programs with the Texas State Bar and the South Texas College of Law. All of this training is related to divorce and family law, as Mary has dedicated her life’s work to understanding every minute facet of this vast and complex field. Rather than dabbling in a smorgasbord of different legal disciplines, she has focused her efforts and worked tirelessly to become the most knowledgeable and authoritative divorce lawyer in the region. She even studied and obtained her JD at Texas Southern University, Thurgood Marshall School of Law, right here in Houston Texas. This is an important distinction, because the laws pertaining to family and divorce can vary dramatically not only from state to state, but even from county to county. Her education was acquired right here, so she knows what she’s talking about.

An Attorney Who Careslawyers report's annotated

Most importantly, Mary is a compassionate attorney who fights for her clients without compromise. For her, it isn’t about courtroom cases, codes, and statutes. It’s about people. That is why she joined the legal field in the first place. When you put your case in the caring hands of Mary E. Ramos, you immediately recognize that she’s fighting for more than just your legal rights. She’s fighting for your dignity, your integrity, your peace of mind. Sadly, you just don’t get that kind of personal commitment from a lot of attorneys nowadays.

Mary E. Ramos – The Divorce Lawyer Houston Texas Deserves

If you’re ready to team up with the best divorce lawyer Houston Texas has to offer, call us today at 713-225-6200 to set up your consultation. Your case is far too important to be handled by less experienced, less educated, and less passionate attorneys. Let Mary E. Ramos provide you with the first-rate representation you deserve.

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