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Encouragement and Support for Men going Through Divorce

Divorce can be emotional, disruptive, and stressful, and the implications are very personal for each of the parties. However, you might not realize how the dissolution of marriage proceedings may take their toll differently on men versus women. Research indicates that males experience higher rates of depression, tend to abuse drugs or alcohol, and are more likely to engage in risky activities. The divorce-related health consequences and lifestyle choices for men also increase the potential for cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Tellingly, this same research points out an important finding about men in divorce: With appropriate post-divorce engagement and support, the implications are short-term. The disproportionate effects for men level out in the years that follow, enabling them to enjoy high levels of satisfaction with re-partnering, mental and physical well-being, and social integration.

One useful tactic for coping with divorce is consuming resources that focus on the unique challenges before, during, and after divorce proceedings. Though it cannot take the place of retaining legal counsel, the content is useful for support, encouragement, and community. You should count on a Houston divorce attorney for men for assistance, but you can take advantage of such benefits as:

Legal Concepts in Basic Terms

The information provided on blogs is intended to provide information on general concepts to a broad audience, which means the content is valuable in terms of an overview. You can gain an outline of the topic and then turn to your lawyer to fill in the details. Blogs are written from the men’s divorce point of view, incorporating familiar terms and using real-life examples to explain the laws.

Two key issues men must address in Texas divorce are:

  1. Property Division: Texas is a community property state, so the laws consider all assets acquired during the marriage as being equally owned by each party. All marital property is divided according to what is just and right.
  2. Alimony: A spouse seeking support must meet statutory requirements for eligibility, including a reasonable need for alimony. If a party qualifies, the court will set the amount, duration, and other details.

Understand Your Rights as a Parent

A divorce blog for men should also cover some of the important issues you face when there are minor children. The statutes can be confusing, especially considering the terminology for child custody and visitation. Texas uses the following definitions:

  • Conservatorship: This concept is what you might know familiarly as custody, which involves how parents make the important decisions in raising the child. Most divorce cases will result in joint managing conservatorship, a co-parenting arrangement.
  • Possession: Fathers are entitled to parenting time and visitation, called ‘possession and access’ in Texas. There are guidelines for a standard possession order, and a men’s divorce blog is a useful resource.

Learn About Options for Resolving Divorce Issues

Texas divorce laws might seem rigid and strict on property division, alimony, and issues related to minor children. These statutes fall short of describing how the legal concepts apply to real-life situations, but men’s divorce blogs fill the gaps. For instance, parties are encouraged to agree in these areas, and they are often able to do so with help from their respective lawyers. Mediation is an option for resolving disputes with help from a trained mediator.

The benefits of working out an agreement are significant, including reduced costs, faster time to resolution, and more control over your divorce. You gain better insight into these and other advantages when you follow a men’s divorce blog.

Other Sources of Support for Men’s Divorce

A blog is very helpful as a legal summary and for understanding the general application of the laws. However, online content cannot replace assistance from a skilled Houston men’s divorce attorney. You will need guidance with a variety of tasks and legal requirements, including:

  • Assessing marital versus separate assets for purposes of property division;
  • Evaluating alimony, whether you are requesting it or may need to pay it;
  • Developing a strategy for child custody, visitation, and support;
  • Negotiating a settlement agreement on key divorce issues;
  • Advocating on your behalf during mediation; and,
  • Representing you at a contested hearing on disputes.

Trust a Men’s Divorce Lawyer in Houston to Help Navigate the Legal Process 

While a blog is a useful resource for men going through a divorce, you can rely on The Ramos Law Group, PLLC to guide you through the proceedings. To learn how our divorce lawyers can help, please call 713-225-6200 or go online to schedule a consultation with a men’s divorce attorney in Houston.

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