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How Much Does Adoption Cost in Texas?

Welcoming a new person into your family unit is a blessing and adopting a new child is one of the best things you will ever do. You may have many questions as you enter into the adoption process, and one of the biggest ones may be how much it will cost you. There are different costs associated with the adoption process in Texas and it is important to know about all of your options before you proceed.

State Adoptions vs. Private Adoptions

State adoption, also referred to as foster-to-adopt, is the most affordable type of adoption in Texas. The only costs associated with adopting a child through the state are the court fees you will have to pay, as well as the cost of obtaining a license to adopt. This helps keep the costs low for adoptive parents and in addition to that low cost, the state also has many programs that offer financial assistance to adoptive parents. For parents who do not have a large budget, this is very beneficial, especially when there are other children within the family.

Private adoptions are another option adoptive parents can choose when they want to welcome a new child into the family. Private adoptions in the state are far more costly than state adoptions. If you are considering a private adoption, it is also important to note that you will have to meet with the birth family, when this is not necessarily the case with state adoptions.

During a private adoption, you will adopt a child, often an infant, based on a plan agreed upon by you and the birth parents. The cost of private adoption varies from agency to agency but it is not uncommon for the cost to reach $20,000 or more. The cost is paid to the agency who will arrange the adoption and handle the legal documents involved. These agencies also sometimes offer prenatal care to birth mothers who have given their baby up for adoption.

The Background and Age of the Child Can Impact the Cost

Whether you are pursuing a state or private adoption will impact the cost of it, as well as the agency you choose if going the private route. However, the age and cultural background of the child you adopt will also affect the cost of the process. Some important considerations to keep in mind when adopting a child are as follows:

It costs less to adopt an older child in Texas, with fees generally totaling a few hundred dollars to cover the cost of paperwork and other services required for these adoptions.
The cost of adopting an infant can range anywhere between $40,000 and $45,000. In some cases that involve complex factors, that cost could be even higher.
International adoptions are the costliest option of all, with costs ranging between $25,000 and $50,000. The home country of the child is the main factor that impacts how much these adoptions cost, as are the delays associated with international adoptions. You will likely also have to travel abroad at least once if you want to adopt internationally.

Another benefit that comes with adopting an older child is that the Department of Family and Protective Services offers a reimbursement option of up to $1,500 for adoption services. However, there are some conditions placed on these reimbursements. One of these is that the child must be under the age of six years old at the time of adoption. Families who are eligible may also receive monthly support from the state after the adoption process is complete.

Assistance with Adoption Fees in Texas

Adoption can become expensive, but there are many programs available that may help offset the financial cost. You should check with your employer to determine if they offer financial assistance for adoptions as part of your employee benefits package. Additionally, there are many adoption agencies and non-profit organizations that offer grants and other financial assistance programs to adoptive parents. A Texas adoption lawyer can advise on the programs available and help you determine if you are eligible for them.

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