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Tips for Trial: How to Get Through a Contested Divorce

Most divorcing couples want to avoid trial. Indeed, the latest data indicates that more than nine in ten divorce cases are settled outside of the courtroom. That being said, avoiding an uncontested divorce is neither advisable nor possible in every situation. If your former partner refuses to cooperate or to work towards a fair settlement, you always have a right to go to trial. Here, our Houston contested divorce lawyers offer some useful tips to help you get through a divorce trial in Texas. 

Six Tips to Help You Get Through a Contested Divorce in Texas


Don’t Go It Alone—Hire an Experienced Divorce Attorney Immediately 


First and foremost, it is crucial that you hire an experienced, reliable divorce lawyer. Divorce litigation is extremely complicated. Do not go it alone. With so much at stake, you need to know that your rights and interests are fully protected. Even a relatively minor error—such as violating a local court rule or missing an important deadline could cause serious damage to your case. The sooner you have a top-rated Houston, TX divorce lawyer on your side, the better off you will be. 


Proper Preparation is One of the Keys to Success


Comprehensive preparation is one of the keys to getting successful results in a contested divorce case. In many ways, it is impossible to be over-prepared for a contested divorce. Make sure that you have all relevant documents, records, and other evidence ready to go. When you are fully prepared for anything that might happen in a divorce trial, you will be able to respond quickly and effectively. 


Know What You Want to Accomplish 


It is difficult to get the best outcome in a contested divorce case if you do not actually know what that outcome looks like. Fighting the case for the sake of fighting is generally not the best approach. In preparing for divorce litigation, you should carefully clarify your objectives. What is the most important thing you want to get out of the trial? Are there any issues you are willing to compromise on? When you know your goals, it is far easier to keep the focus that you need to get results. 


Keep a Clear and Rational Perspective 


Divorce is a deeply emotional process. While this is true for virtually every divorcing couple, it is also true that the relatively small number of divorcing couples that make it to trial are typically locked in an especially heated dispute. Do your best to keep a clear and rational perspective throughout the legal process. Remember, your goal is to get the best resolution for yourself and your family. Beyond that, it is also important to take some time to live your life and let your attorney handle your legal issues. A contested divorce can take many months, even years to reach a resolution. You do not want to think about it every minute of the day.  


Do Not Stress Yourself Out About Testifying 


One question people often have for our Texas divorce lawyers: Will I be forced to testify in a divorce trial? The short answer is “it depends”—though if you go through a full trial, there is a good chance you will be asked to give some form of testimony. Further, in the pre-trial process, you may be asked to sit for a deposition with your spouse’s attorney. If you are stressed out about testifying, do not worry: It is entirely normal. Try not to worry too much. Your divorce attorney will make sure that you are prepared for every stage of the process. If you ever run into problems while giving testimony, your attorney will be there to take action and protect your rights. Take a breath and remember you know your facts and truth. 


Remember: Settlement is Always an Option


Finally, one of the most important divorce trial tips is that you can always negotiate a settlement. Plenty of divorce cases—and other legal matters—settle right before court. In fact, you can still settle your divorce up until the day that a decision is rendered by a family judge. It is not uncommon for parties to approach each other late in the process looking to restart settlement negotiations.

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