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Will a “Happy Ending” Result in an Unhappy Divorce?

Will a “Happy Ending” Result in an Unhappy Divorce?

While the Ramos Law Group, PLLC DOES NOT condone illegal or illicit behavior, we have seen our share of cases where individuals have taken advantage of services offered at adult establishments. It does not take a Board-Certified Family lawyer to tell you that receiving a ‘happy ending’ from anyone but your spouse can hurt your divorce case (or cause it). That being said, should a happy ending be in your future, here is how it may affect your divorce case.

  1. Adultery – While Texas is a no-fault state, a divorce can be granted upon the grounds of adultery. Whether the receipt of adult services was intentional or accidental in nature, it does constitute as adultery. Your divorce could be granted on the fact adultery was committed.
  2. Financial Aspect – Depending how often and frequent any alleged happy endings occur, you could be wasting marital assets and your spouse may be entitled to a form of reimbursement due to this waste. If able to prove a substantial amount was spent on illicit activities, a judge can financially compensate the innocent spouse.
  3. Think of the Children – If custody is at issue in a divorce, then every aspect of the parents’ lives (including their sex lives) may be considered by the judge when making a determination as to who should be primary conservator. Texas can be a conservative state and it’s likely your soon to be ex will use your personal habits against you.

For the above reasons, we recommend you find an alternative stress relief outlet. Perhaps you could take up golf or take a cooking class? If it is too late for our advice and a “happy ending” has destroyed your marital bliss, contact the experienced legal team at the Ramos Law Group today! Our team has experience handling messy divorces with a multitude of skeletons in the closets. We can help mitigate the damage and assist you in exiting your marriage as cleanly as possible. Call us today at (713) 225-6200.

Last Updated on June 26, 2020 by Ramos Law Group, PLLC

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