Can I Waive the 30 Day Waiting Period After a Divorce to Get Married Again?

The state of Texas has a mandatory thirty day waiting period after a divorce is granted before the parties may marry a new person. The reason for the mandatory waiting period is that the judge and court that issued your final decree of divorce retains plenary power for thirty days after the divorce is final. This is in case a party files an appeal or a motion for a new trial, which they have thirty days to do after a divorce is finalized. Once the thirty days has expired and the divorce has not been contested, then it is safe for the parties involved to remarry. An exception to this rule is if you desire to remarry the person you just divorced, you are not required to wait thirty days.

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How Does Summer Visitation And Access Work in Texas?

If you and your ex reside within 100 miles of one another, the non-custodial parent can possess the children for a period of thirty days during the summer. The default dates for this period of possession are July 1 – July 31 but if the parent desires a different schedule, they must give the other parent written notice by April 1 prior to summer how and when they desire to schedule their allotted thirty days.

If you and your ex reside more than 100 miles away from each other, the non-custodial parent may have visitation with the children for a period of forty-two days during the summer.

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