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Mary is an experienced family law attorney recognized and respected throughout the Houston legal community for dedication in effectively representing clients' rights and interests. Mary understands the emotional side of divorce and brings a special compassion to each and every case.

Same Sex Marriage in Texas – A Look to the Future

Texas is currently one of twenty states in the United States which ban same-sex marriage via a constitutional amendment. In October 2014, the US Supreme Court let stand a ruling held by the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals finding Utah’s ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional. The resulting effect was that same-sex marriage bans are effectively voided in states such as Utah, Virginia, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Oklahoma. By declining to rule on the issue, combined with the changes in attitude toward same-sex marriage throughout the country, it can be inferred that the Supreme Court believes that same-sex marriage will become the norm throughout the United States. Continue reading

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Top 10 Rules for Protecting Kids During a Divorce

Divorce can get nasty and a lot of times parents don’t consider the emotional toll it can take on the children. Below are some rules parents should keep in mind when going through a divorce. Don’t Make the Child Choose … Continue reading

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Undisclosed Assets After a Divorce is Finalized

Whether a careless oversight or intentionally misleading, it is not uncommon for a person to discover that some assets were not disclosed during a divorce and were subsequently not divided and awarded in the Final Decree of Divorce. How do you seek relief if you find this happened during your divorce? Continue reading

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How does visitation work during the Holidays?

Holiday season is upon us and Texas parents working under a divorce or child custody agreement may be wondering how they will share custody of the child during the upcoming holidays. Ideally the parents will have mutually agreed to a custody plan the maximizes the time the children spend with their families over the holidays; however that may not be the case for all families. Continue reading

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What do you wear to court for trial?

The idea of appearing in court to testify in a contested divorce or other family law matter can be terrifying for an involved party. A lot is on the line, including custody of children or property, and a person needs to put their best foot forward, both literally and figuratively. While the family law court system is decidedly more casual than other systems such as civil litigation or federal courts, it is important that litigants dress in an appropriate manner. Here are some tips for what to wear at a typical contested hearing, whether it’s for a divorce, child custody case, or any other family law issue. Continue reading

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When Do You Need a Family Lawyer?

There is no denying that family life can get tough. For these difficult situations, sometimes it’s necessary to call upon the assistance of a legal professional who has experience in dealing with family issues. Divorce is the most common reason why people hire family lawyers in Houston, but it is certainly not the only one. Continue reading

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Meet your Harris County, Texas Family Law Judges

Meet your returning and new Harris County Family Court Judges. Continue reading

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Ten Tips For Testifying at Trial

If you have an attorney, you should meet with them prior to trial to discuss what topics will be addressed during testimony and the attorney should give you tips or provide you with materials that will help you prepare for testifying. Many times in a family law case, testimony revolves around specific events and dates. It can be helpful to create a timeline of these events and times to review prior to testifying so you can clearly remember these facts. Continue reading

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3 Tips to Make Your Divorce as Easy as Possible

Divorces are rarely ever easy. However, there are ways to ease the stress involved. As you go through this difficult turning point in your life, it can be all too easy to become frustrated, overwhelmed and downright angry. While these feelings are unavoidable at times, it is important to make an effort to be strong and realize that, in the long run, it is a positive step towards a new, better life. Here are some ways that you can streamline the divorce process and hopefully reduce your stress levels. Continue reading

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5 Reasons Not to File for Divorce on Your Own

Going through a divorce is difficult. Separating from someone who was once a major part of your life can be extremely daunting, to say the least. And the struggle is multiplied when you have children involved, mutual property and other … Continue reading

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