Benefits of Parenting Classes During a Divorce

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There is a parenting class that’s required, a four hour parenting class, and some courts require different classes, depending. Now this is a class that I ask my clients to take from the beginning, so that they have that knowledge and information to utilize during the case. The parenting class normally doesn’t teach you how to be a parent, but it teaches you how to communicate now in two different households. It is very difficult to discipline in one household when you have kids. Now that we’re in two separate households, it makes it extremely difficult. And children learn how to manipulate their parents, and parents need to be on the same page with how they’re gonna go forward and address these issues.

Parents that don’t talk to each other, children will pick up on that, and they’re gonna manipulate their parents and say what each parent wants to hear. So if you are on the same page with the other parent, you can address all parent concerns with the other parent and not through your child. It’s just a better way to protect your child from being impacted with the divorce process and let them be free and be a child, as they should be. Co-parenting is very important because you will both be parents for the rest of your natural lives.

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