Standard Possession Order in Texas

Video Transcription: The Standard Possession Order in Texas comprises of a weekend possession calendar, which is normally the 1st, 3rd, and 5th weekends and a Thursday during the school year, for a weekday period of possession. You also have to include a possession calendar for the holiday schedule. You would determine when the holiday schedule would actually begin based on the school district that your child is enrolled in, or if your child is not enrolled in school, the school district that he would be enrolled in. To determine when your holidays would start, we would technically include Thanksgiving. One…

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Benefits of Parenting Classes During a Divorce

Video Transcription: There is a parenting class that's required, a four hour parenting class, and some courts require different classes, depending. Now this is a class that I ask my clients to take from the beginning, so that they have that knowledge and information to utilize during the case. The parenting class normally doesn't teach you how to be a parent, but it teaches you how to communicate now in two different households. It is very difficult to discipline in one household when you have kids. Now that we're in two separate households, it makes it extremely difficult. And children…

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Video Transcription: Normally when parents have an issue with communicating with each other, there is a great website that a lot of attorneys and judges use, called OurFamilyWizard. Now this is an online calendaring program where both parties can actually log in and create an account for their children. On this website, they can post the children's extracurricular activities, doctors' appointments, they can even include requests for exchanges of weekends and whether or not the other custodial parent will actually accept or deny those exchanges. And you can post uninsured medical expenses all to the same website. One of the…

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Top 10 Rules for Protecting Kids During a Divorce

Read on to learn the top 10 rules for protecting kids during a divorce. Divorce can get nasty and a lot of times parents don’t consider the emotional toll it can take on the children. Below are some rules parents should keep in mind when going through a divorce. Don’t Make the Child Choose a Side Children instinctively love both their parents and being asked or expected to choose a side can be severely traumatic for a child. It’s natural for a child to want to please both parents so expecting them to be on one side or the other…

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How does visitation work during the Holidays?

Holiday season is upon us and Texas parents working under a divorce or child custody agreement may be wondering how they will share custody of the child during the upcoming holidays. Ideally the parents will have mutually agreed to a custody plan the maximizes the time the children spend with their families over the holidays; however that may not be the case for all families.

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How to Approach Custody and Child Support During Divorce

A divorce can have a significant impact on other family members – especially children. As you go through this strenuous time, it is so important that you take steps to preserve the best interest of all children involved. Naturally, using child support lawyers in Houston, TX is essential if you want the best possible results. When it comes to your loved ones, there is no room for gambling, and going into a divorce without proper legal representation is a serious risk. A good divorce attorney can help you get an ideal custody and child support plan that works for you…

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How to Protect Children During a Divorce

When a marriage is no longer sustainable, a divorce may be inevitable. While this is clearly a strenuous time for both spouses, it can be even more psychologically damaging for children who find themselves stuck in the middle. As a parent, it is important that you do not let relationship issues take precedence over the mental and emotional well-being of your children. Many children are unable to understand these significant changes in a positive way, so it's essential that you do your part to help them. With the help of a child custody lawyer in Houston, TX, it is possible…

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Recognizing and Preventing Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS)

While divorce is generally unpleasant for all parties involved, usually it is the children who are the most severely affected. It is all too easy for parents to get so caught up in their own emotional distress that they miss how their actions affect their children. Unfortunately, sometimes manipulative parents will attempt to turn their children against the other spouse. The resulting Parental Alienation Syndrome, or PAS, is a common issue that must be addressed appropriately during and after the divorce process. What is PAS? PAS is when one parent intentionally tries to sabotage a child's relationship with the other…

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Custody Advice For Fathers

Custody Advice for Fathers

It is an unfortunate reality that courts can sometimes unfairly favor the mother when it comes to custody battles. While judges should technically be impartial, there are times when fathers have the odds stacked against them from the very beginning. Of course, even the best divorce lawyers in the world cannot change that fact. However, the exceptional divorce lawyers at Ramos Law Firm can greatly increase your opportunities to make your case known. We handle custody cases for fathers, and we will make sure that your child's best interest is the primary focus. Aim High Whether you are seeking joint…

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Determining Child Custody in Houston

While a divorce can be a difficult time for the spouses involved, it is important to remember that it will also be an extremely significant event in the lives of the children in the family. As you go through your divorce proceedings, it is absolutely essential that you remember to keep your child's best interests in mind – no matter how difficult that may be. Understanding how child custody is determined will help you put your child in the best possible situation. Consult with an Attorney First of all, remember that Houston divorce lawyers are there to help. Going through…

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