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Divorce can get expensive, especially when you have people that won’t agree to things. So attorneys get involved and expenses skyrocket. One of the ways that you can consider in reducing your attorney fees during the divorce process is to communicate via email to your attorney when you have questions and concerns. At my office, we request that you actually send them, questions one through five or so, in an email, so that they can be addressed and dealt with. We have an office policy to return all emails within a 24 hour period.

Another way is for you to gather documents, and do as much homework as you can do on your own to provide for us. The less amount of time that we have to actually work on your case, the less expensive it is for you, or another thing you can do to reduce the expenses would be to create a timeline of your case for me. I need a story. Your divorce case is a story, and the only way I’m going to be able to give that story, or to relay that story to the judge is to know what exactly is going on. This is your case, this is your marriage, these are your children, this is your life.

I need to know as much of the detail as possible so that I can relay that same concern to the judge. It’s like drawing a picture in a coloring book, and then coloring it in with as much detail as possible. We as people actually learn through pictures. And if I can portray that picture and that story to the judge, or the finder of fact, I am in a better position, better reach the goals that we have set out in your case for you. You’re my client, and I plan on fighting for you and your case.

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