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How to Get a Divorce in Houston Texas

In addition to being emotionally trying, going through a divorce can be a confusing and tedious process. Nobody wants to prolong the inevitable, but there are many factors that need to be considered and sorted out. There are often children involved, which can make things exceptionally complicated, as well as money and assets that need to be properly allocated. In order to protect your well-being and get what is rightfully yours, it is important to call one of the many divorce lawyers Houston, TX has to offer.

Know What to Expect and Plan Ahead

If you are considering divorce, or even if you have already started the proceedings, knowing what to expect is going to make the process much easier to deal with. Although there may be unforeseen twists and turns, there are procedures in the state of Texas that all married couples need to follow. Take a few moments to read this outline of the steps involved in a divorce in Houston.

Make Sure You Are Filing in the Right State

First of all, in order to file for divorce in Texas, you or your partner will have needed to have lived in the state of Texas for at least 6 months before you start filing. It is also mandatory for you or the spouse to have been living in the same county that you are filing in for a minimum of 90 days prior to filing for divorce. If you and your partner are not currently eligible, it may be in your best interest to either file where you are considered a resident, or simply wait until the allotted time period has passed. The divorce lawyers in Houston, TX should be able to give you specific information that pertains to your situation.

File a Petition

Once you are confirmed to be eligible, you will need to file a petition for divorce. The person who is filing for divorce is known as the petitioner, and the person who is being served the papers is referred to as the respondent. If the two parties are on amicable terms, the respondent can hasten the process and reduce the cost by waiving service. However, either way you will both need to wait a minimum of 60 days before the divorce is finalized. Even if all business has been concluded before then, 60 days is the waiting requirement in Texas.

Consider a Temporary Restraining Order

When the petitioner files for divorce, he/she can talk to one of the divorce lawyers Houston, TX offers if a temporary restraining order is necessary. There are a few reasons why this would be necessary, and some of the topics they address are as follows:

divorce temporary restraining order

  • temporary plans for caring for children
  • how the two parties should behave and avoiding hostile behavior
  • payment necessities like spousal or child support, as well as the lawyer’s fees
  • temporary storage of assets so that they may not be hidden or sold while court proceedings are ongoing

The Discovery Phase and Possible Finalization

The next step is called the discovery phase. This is when the spouses and their lawyers will exchange pertinent information that directly affects both parties, such as dividing assets, debt, child support, and other necessary payments. During this time, facts will be presented to determine child visitation rights, if there are children involved. If an agreement is reached between both spouses, the judge will sign off on it and the divorce will be finalized.

additional divorce proceedings

Additional Proceedings if an Agreement is Not Reached

If the parties are not able to come to an agreement, it may be necessary for the judge to make a determination based on his/her own opinion, through the help of a mediator and taking into consideration any evidence that is presented. It is important that you are thorough in collecting and presenting all of your information – even if it may not seem relevant at the time. Divorce lawyers in Houston, TX will be able to provide you with advice specific to your situation.

Hire the Right Attorney for Optimal Results

If you would like to protect your interests, as well as the well-being of family members who may be directly affected by these proceedings, it is important that you choose the right attorney. Ramos Law Group, PLLC has the expertise and experience that is essential for getting you what you deserve. Don’t let this extremely significant chapter in your life be a negative one. With the right professionals on your side, you can be confident that your interests will be accurately represented and protected.

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