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Determining Child Custody in Houston

While a divorce can be a difficult time for the spouses involved, it is important to remember that it will also be an extremely significant event in the lives of the children in the family. As you go through your divorce proceedings, it is absolutely essential that you remember to keep your child’s best interests in mind – no matter how difficult that may be. Understanding how child custody is determined will help you put your child in the best possible situation.

Consult with an Attorney

child custody consultation in houston

First of all, remember that Houston divorce lawyers are there to help. Going through a divorce on your own can be a confusing process. A good attorney will give you the support and expertise that you will need to keep your best interests in mind, as well as your child’s. Before you even begin taking steps to file divorce, have a consultation with one of the many reputable Houston divorce lawyers in your area. This will give you a better idea of what to expect and help you to prepare any necessary evidence that could help you to find favor with the court.

Try to Reach an Agreement

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Once you have spoken to your lawyer, it is important to attempt to come to an agreement with the other spouse. Naturally, coming to an amicable concession is always ideal, but it may not always be possible. Deciding visitation and conservatorship issues are extremely difficult, to say the least. Many courts require that the parties mediate in an attempt to reach an agreement before going to court.

Taking the Next Step

If an agreement cannot be reached regarding custody, it is common for a temporary orders hearing to be held, which determines where the child will live while the case is pending. This does not necessary mean that either parent has won custody on a final basis; it is simply a temporary measure that will be lifted when the court has made an official ruling. It is important to remember that temporary orders often set the stage for final orders, so it is important to have a zealous and experienced advocate at your side during the temporary orders hearings.

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Ruling by the Court

If the court must decide custody issues, a wide array of evidence and factors will be considered, including the child’s physical and emotional needs, parenting skills, the stability of the home, and others. The Court has broad discretion to look at the best interest of the child.  Be sure to speak with Houston divorce lawyers about the best ways to prove your case, and remember to make your child’s best interest your priority.

Use Professional Legal Help

Divorce can be a trying time for the spouses, but it can be even worse for the children. There are plenty of resources for Houston residents who are going through divorce proceedings, so be sure to use them to ensure that the best possible outcome is reached for the whole family. If you want the optimal results, it is essential that you speak to one of the many Houston divorce lawyers in the area. Ramos Law Group, PLLC has consistently provided exceptional legal counsel to Houston residents. Don’t try to navigate a divorce on your own. Call Ramos Law Group, PLLC today.

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