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If you are going through divorce in Texas and have minor children, you can be sure that child custody issues will be a focal point in your case. Even unmarried parents have rights regarding their children, regardless of whether they maintain a personal relationship. As a result, child custody may even be involved with paternity proceedings. The implications of custody, termed conservatorship under Texas law, also affect many other aspects of the parent-child relationship.

Considering the legal complications and emotional impact of child custody issues, it is crucial to retain skilled representation for help with child custody in Texas. Instead of putting your parental rights at risk, count on The Ramos Law Group, PLLC to assist with the process. Please contact our firm today to schedule a consultation with a Texas child custody attorney. We can offer detailed advice after reviewing your circumstances. Plus, a summary of the laws and options for resolving disputes may be helpful.

Overview of Child Custody Laws


Texas uses the term conservatorship to refer to what you might know as custody, but many of the concepts are the same. Conservatorship involves decision-making on the important aspects of raising a child, such as health care, education, activities, entertainment, and religion. Courts prefer parents to share in conservatorship, which amounts to joint custody. When the child primarily lives with one parent, the non-primary parent (or possessory conservator) will have visitation rights.

You should also be aware of the following when seeking help with child custody:

  • A court makes decisions on conservatorship based upon the child’s best interests. A judge will only enter a child custody order if it meets this high legal standard.

  • The court’s order on child custody is legally binding on parents, so you must go through the proper steps to modify the arrangement. Common reasons for modification may include the relocation of a parent, a new job  that conflicts with the existing custody schedule, or a reduction/increase in child support..

  • You have options to seek enforcement in the event of misconduct.

  • Child custody determinations are closely connected with child support, which is usually paid by the noncustodial parent.

Help with Texas Child Custody Cases


Conservatorship can be complicated, so it is reassuring to know that there are multiple options for resolving key issues involved with raising your child. Our Texas child custody lawyers at The Ramos Law Group, PLLC are ready to support you with:

  • Agreements on child custody, which a court will typically approve if the arrangement suits the child’s best interests;

  • Mediation proceedings to facilitate compromise between the parties;

  • Entering orders in court pursuant to an agreement or the results of mediation; and

  • Litigation and contested hearings on child support, which are similar to a trial.

Our Texas Child Custody Lawyers are Prepared to Guide You

This overview should help you understand the basics about custodianship in Texas, but it also reveals the complications. The Ramos Law Group, PLLC is committed to guiding you through settlements, court proceedings, and other legal issues, so please contact our offices in Houston, TX today. We can set up a consultation with a Texas child custody attorney who can provide additional details.


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