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Effective 9/1/2013 Texas Child Support Cap Increase From $7,500 to $8,550

Texas Child Support Guidelines Change – Effective 09/01/2013

Changes to Texas Child Support Guidelines took effect on September 1, 2013. The Texas legislature has established a set of rules to assist in determining the proper amount of child support that should be paid by the obligor. While the criteria are not absolute, and it is possible to obtain child support in excess of the guidelines, they do serve as the foundation for the majority of child support rulings in Texas.

The obligor is required to pay a particular percentage of his or her ‘net’ monthly income in child support under the guidelines. It’s vital to understand that most people’s ‘take home pay’ differs from their net income as defined for child support. The amount of ‘net income’ that was previously evaluated under the criteria was capped at $7,500 per month. Even if a parent earned $50,000 per month, only the first $7,500 would be deemed ‘net income’ under the standards. For example, if there was just one child, the paying parent would be obliged to pay 20 percent of no more than $7,500 in child support, or about $1,500 per month, under the standards. This is known as the ‘max’ guideline child support amount.

The threshold was raised to $8,550 per month on September 1, 2013, and the first $8,550 of net monthly income will now be considered for child support. According to the revised criteria, child support for one child would increase from $1,500 to $1,710 per month in the case above. The tax tables calculated by the Office of the Attorney General should be used to assess whether you are entitled to pay or receive ‘max’ child support. If a person earns $11,828.81 in gross income every month, or around $141,945.72 gross per year, they earn $8,550 in ‘net monthly income,’ according to the tax tables. Previously the cap was set at $124,086 in gross annual income. If you are receiving ‘max’ guideline child support or feel you could be entitled, please contact the Ramos Rule Group, PLLC to explore amending your support order to reflect the new law.

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