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Texas Family Court Records Online

Records of family law proceedings are available online in many Texas counties. Divorces are usually a matter of public record and many Texas counties are working to make such records more easily accessible to the general population. The information available online varies by county, but generally case details such as the style of the case and the names of the parties are available. Many counties also provide information regarding court costs, hearing dates, lists of all pleadings, names of attorneys involved, and even images of some court documents, like original petitions for divorce or temporary orders signed by the judge.

Searching online records is a great way to stay informed and up to date on the status of your case. Keep in mind, however, that there is often a delay between when the documents are filed with the court and when the documents appear as images online. Additionally, some records can be sealed at the request of the parties, and some counties do not release certain information during the initial stages of family law proceeding. Remember to check with your lawyer if you have any questions.

Below please find a list of Texas area counties with information regarding how to access family law records in each county.

Texas Family Law & Divorce Court Records:

Presently, we only list a few counties but with your help our goal is to build a complete Texas list. If you find a Texas Family Court Records site please forward to our webmaster at the following email address:

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