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Top 5 Ways to Catch a Cheating Spouse

1. Social Networking Sites

Studies have shown that social networking sites, specifically Facebook, are a contributing factor to infidelity. Facebook allows for affairs to blossom; reconnecting old flames or allowing a person to become friends with someone they met in passing. If your spouse is spending a lot of time on social networking sites or is being secretive about their online activities, it may be a sign that they are engaging in an affair.

2. Cell Phone Habits

Your spouse may all of a sudden add a password or lock code to their cell phone to prevent you being able to check their calls or read messages. They may also keep the phone on silent or refuse to answer calls or texts in your presence. A sudden change in cell phone habits may be an indicator that your spouse is communicating with someone they don’t want you to know about.

3. Spending Habits

Has your spouse suddenly been more secretive about their spending habits? An increase in spending habits, changing the location as to where the bills or credit card statements are directed or preventing your from accessing online billing statements may all be signs pointing that your spouse wants to prevent you from monitoring their spending.

4. Change in Work Schedule or Hours

A sudden increase in hours spent at work or traveling for work can be an indicator that your spouse is using work as a cover for time spent with a paramour. Work is a convenient cover for a cheater and a sudden change in schedule may be cause for concern. Checking your spouse’s paycheck for overtime hours is a simple way to verify that your spouse actually is working overtime and nothing suspicious is going on.

5. Disappearing Acts or Secretive About Schedule

Are you unable to reach your spouse on the phone or at work? Are they evasive when asked where they were or why they didn’t answer the phone? If your spouse is suddenly unavailable or can’t explain the periods of time they’ve disappeared, they may be spending that time with another person. If they get defensive about their activities, it may be cause for concern.

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