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Delay Tactics During Your Texas Divorce

There may be a multitude of reasons for why a Texas spouse may be delaying their potential or ongoing divorce matter. While we will save an analysis of the motivation for another day, we would like to discuss some of the common delay tactics used in a divorce and how to combat those tactics.

Splitting a Medical Practice Due to Divorce

It’s common to face challenges if you’re getting divorced and need to address ownership interests in a business. Applying Texas asset division laws to a company is more complicated as compared to splitting other property, such as real estate or a vehicle. However, if the business at issue is a medical practice, there are additional …

Should I File For Divorce During The COVID-19 Pandemic?

Sheltering-in-place and quarantining with your spouse and children is enough to make anyone crazy. Small arguments escalate into larger problems and you’ve probably come to the realization you hate how your spouse chews their food or hums while they work. China saw an uptick in divorce filings once the tight restrictions were lifted and divorce attorneys expect to see a similar trend in the United States.

Can a Texas Judge Order Marriage Counseling During a Divorce?

There is a provision in the Texas Family Code § 6.505 giving a Texas family law judge the authority to mandate that parties attend marriage counseling during a divorce but it is rarely used. Texas family law judges can order parties to attend various types of counseling and evaluations – coparenting, drug and alcohol dependency, etc. if counseling if is in the best interest of the parties.

Contested Divorce: How to Get My Spouse to Sign the Divorce Papers

In a divorce, there are few things more frustrating than a partner who simply refuses to cooperate with the process. Unfortunately, you may be stuck dealing with a spouse who is intentionally delaying by refusing to sign the divorce papers, making unreasonable demands for their signature, or who is simply not communicating at all.  Please …

What’s The Difference Between Filing & Suing For Divorce

Are you preparing to get divorced in Southeast Texas? If so, you may have heard the terms “filing for divorce” and “suing for divorce” being thrown around. This can be confusing: What is the difference between filing and suing for divorce? We want to clear up all the myths and misconceptions surrounding this issue. Legally …