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How Do I Change My Child’s Name In Texas?

If you desire to change your child’s last name, there are procedural steps that must be followed. In Texas a parent must petition a court to legally change a child’s name. This petition must include the present name and residence of the child, the reason the name change is requested, the full name requested for the child, whether the child is subject to continuing exclusive jurisdiction of a court, and whether the child is subject to the registration requirements under Chapter 62 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. If the child is ten years of age or older, the child must provide written consent for his or her name to be changed.

Once the petition has been filed and all the parties properly served, a hearing will be scheduled. The other parent will be given the opportunity to contest the proposed name change; if that is the case then the Court will decide if the name change is in the best interest of the child.   In most cases, the court will require that both parents consent to the name change.

If the Court grants the name change request, the judge will sign the order granting the name change and you will be able to take a certified copy of the order to the necessary agencies to have all identification and governmental documents changed to reflect your child’s new name.

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